9 Pros and Cons of the New Health-Care Reform Bill

What are the pros and cons of the new health-care reform bill that House Democrats approved yesterday? The bill is 2,000 pages long, and full of lawyer-speak. Most pros and cons are based on partisan opinion. Still, there are some changes in the bill with more objective elements. Here are nine aspects that will help and hurt consumers and the economy.


More coverage.
Coverage will expand to cover nearly 95 percent of legal U.S. residents. With a recent study showing that patients without health insurance have a shorter life span, coupled with the number of uninsured approaching 50 million in 2010, that is perhaps the biggest reason to cheer. (Kevin Pho, MD via CNN). Plus, preventative care will be free.

A more competitive insurance industry.
Increased regulation will stop insurance companies from rigging prices–that recent 40% insurance premium increase in California comes to mind. Competition with newly formed public entities will ideally make the entire industry more competitive. Also, insurance companies are now required to post their balance sheets, executive compensation, and administrative costs online.

Insurance companies will have to accept everyone.
No more pre-existing condition exclusions. They can’t place limits on coverage anymore, either.

Cheaper prescriptions for seniors.
Closing the “donut hole” means cheaper prescription drugs for seniors.

It’s reform.
We need reform. We’re in a situation where healthcare is even becoming unaffordable to employers, leaving employees with higher out-of-pocket expenses even if they are ensured. Healthcare costs have jettisoned innumerable people from the middle class. People get sick and die because insurers won’t take them. This isn’t functional. Any kind of reform helps.

When Will The Healthcare Bubble Burst?


Cuts in Medicare.
The elderly on Medicare will see their benefits changed dramatically. The biggest item being used to pay for the new program is more than $500 billion in cuts to the Medicare program at a time when 72 million baby boomers become eligible for it in the next decade. The second biggest move to pay for this is by raising and expanding the Medicare tax. (Ed Rollins via CNN)

Costs. Any way you slice it, adding another $940 billion to the deficit is not a good thing for the US economy. Yes, the Congressional Budget Office said that healthcare would actually reduce the budget deficit, but nobody really knows what will happen.

No new incentives for primary care physicians. Physicians are increasingly turning to specialties as a way to pay off expensive medical school debt and make more money. This means more workload and burnout for primary care physicians, who get no bureaucratic relief under the current reform bill. That also means longer wait times, more obstacles, and potentially higher specialist costs for consumers.

More taxes. The government has to pay for healthcare reform somehow. Taxing businesses is a big strategy. For example, medical device makers will see a new 2.9% excise tax. Families earning more than $250,000/year will have to pay higher Medicare taxes. Also, this isn’t a tax, but employers will be fined $3,000 per employee if they don’t provide affordable medical coverage.

  • Mike

    Competition with newly formed public entities will ideally make the entire industry more competitive.

    How do the introduction of ‘public entities’ increase competition? The gov’t has an unfair advantage anytime they enter a market. They have deeper pockets and can run a deficit.

    Also, Stossel corrects some misinformation about ‘the lack of competition’.

  • Zack

    Private and Parochial schools have been competing with public schools for as long as I can remember. These schools have to show that they’re worth paying for or they don’t get customers.
    The health care industry, on the other hand, doesn’t have government competition. Its more along the lines of ‘you pay us outrageous amounts of money or you die.’And even if you do that, they still look for ways to hose you.
    Bear in mind that from 2000 to 2006, health care premiums have increased 87% compared to overall inflation (an increase of 3.5%) and wages (3.8%). A ‘Public Entity’ would help keep costs from skyrocketing.
    Of course, we as taxpayers would probably have to foot the bill for this ‘public entity’.
    In short, it would help focus the industry on something it seems to have forgotten about… The customers.

  • Mike

    @Zach – But nobody’s arguing about the quality of education at private/parochial schools – it’s the gov’t-run public schools that are ‘failing’.
    A public entity would certainly cause costs to head upward- maybe not if gov’t mandates premium levels, but certainly in taxes, more restrictions on companies which decreases ingenuity and R&D, and myriad other ways. When gov’t grows, they do so by taking away from the private sector.

    Instead, how about opening up interstate competition to increase competition among HC companies. Or moving more control from the HR dept to individuals could cause people to fight for lower costs. There are (were?) still other options besides having the gov’t get involved this way.

  • Ryan

    @Mike –
    I see your concerns, and to be honest I’m not sure this bill does the best job, but you forget that similarly to Public vs Private Schools, Public vs Private Healthcare will not show the Public option as attempting to steal subscribers as other Private Healthcare companies do. It is attempting to set the bar at a level reachable by the millions of people who are not eligible for many different reasons.

    For example, single citizens (or even couples without children) can often not afford healthcare because they can not meet the prices that competition has raised to extraordinary levels. The Health Insurance industry has realized that they do not need every citizen enrolled- just those that can pay well, and premiums have skyrocketed across the board with inflation and other issues.

    Again, it isn’t the Gov’ts plan to run these insurance companies out of business- just to make healthcare attainable, and if the healthcare industry choses to not provide a service that saves life because they wish to keep their profit margins then yes, they will die.

    Again, all of my thoughts, and yours are conjecture and we will have to see how this plays out.

    One point I did not understand in your post was what you meant by moving control from the HR(?) department to individuals as lowering costs… Maybe I just missed something there.

  • Mike

    @Ryan – I respectfully disagree on several points.
    First, I assume you misspoke – it’s certainly not competition that has raised premiums/prices. That sounds more like a price fixing or collusion. And it seems to be a straw man argument to blame the ‘evil’ HC industry.

    Also, the ‘HR’ was for Human Resources – consumers currently pay less than 12% of their HC expenses out of pocket, the rest is covered by employer-paid insurance (thus, the HR) and medicare.

    A truly competitive free market doesn’t function in this scenario – millions of individuals making their own choices would be more effective in managing costs than a 3rd party like a government bureaucrat or your employer.
    For example, see Mitch Daniel’s NYT op-ed –here.
    Also look at NRP’s report on how Medicare started and what that meant for HC industry costs –here,/a>.

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  • Thank you for providing this pros and cons article and also thank you Jeff for the great insight provided above. Only one quote comes to mind at this time. “Her life is in your hands, Dude. Her life is in your hands.” – Brandt in ‘The Big Lebowski’

  • Wow, I just got over Gallbladder surgery delema with out health insurance. It was terifying! It was only through Gods blessing of special people being put in my path that I was able to get the surgery I needed. My family is like many others, struggling to keep moving forward through this devastating economy. We still cannot aford health insurance yet, and the worst fear came to life. I had an emergency without insurance! YES we do need reform. Yes its going to be hard. Yes it will cost. I dont agree with all the “cons” of the Medical bill, but I hope its a start in correcting a long standing corupt discusting problem, THE HEALTH CARE WHORE! Both republicans and democrats are responcible for the system being broken and poor! Realistically this Reform Bill wont be close to finding any sort of balance through modification for 5 to 10 years. And Thats being opptomistic! Very! But thats me.