Trina Thompson Sues Monroe College for Bad Career Service


Like many hapless former students, Monroe College graduate Trina Thompson couldn’t find a job after completing her Information Technology degree. What did she do to ameliorate the situation? Sue her alma mater, of course (from Sky News):

An unhappy graduate in New York is suing the university where she studied because she has been unable to find a job since finishing her degree. Trina Thompson claimed Monroe College in the Bronx had failed to support her after she completed a BBA in Information Technology.

She filed a legal action last week, after four months of fruitless job hunting, the New York post reported. The 27-year-old is demanding to be repaid her $70,000 (£41,700) tuition fees.

Ms Thompson said the university’s careers service had not provided her with the contacts and advice it promised before she began studying.

A spokesman for the university rejected the claim.

Ms. Thompson studied the wrong field. An internship with Jerry Springer or a law degree might more closely suit her temperament.

  • Theo

    Even Top Grade GPA students are not getting jobs, so how does this idiot with less than Stellar grades expect anything ?

    Loser, she should be sued for trying to sue the University that educated her in the 1st place !

  • Tom

    I wonder if anyone will hire her after her suit, and its subsequent publicity.

  • Jack Flannigan

    Could someone please give Trina Thompson a piece of cheese to go with that whine. That is about all she deserves.

  • erik

    Can anyone say Crack!!!!!

  • kyle

    I am guessing she is black…sue at the drop of a hat…how typical. I predict the race card will be played shortly.

  • carly

    Give me a break. there is a related post at

  • Well I am glad we have her whole name…so I can be sure not to hire or even interview this whiner.

    Since when is anything a guarantee? The point of college is to learn how to do things yourself, not have others do for you.

    this is another good example of “Generation ME”.

    a waste of resources.

  • Lori

    Please, please, please don’t send this LOSER to Stamford.

    I cannot believe someone would sue the college. What’s even scarier is some judge might actually grant it to her!

    Maybe it is a publicity stunt to get her name out there to get someone to hire her. I would be wary though if I was her future employee for frivilous lawsuits.

  • Erick

    Let’s see a picture of her. Maybe she’s a slob that no one wants to have in their office? Maybe she smells bad?

  • Peach

    It would be great for the US if they would MAKE idiots like this repay ALL court costs associated with their frivolous lawsuit. Thanks for doing your part to screw our culture Trina!

  • My favorite part of this whole thing is that if you read her Court Filing she hand wrote the following: “I am seeking reimbursment of $70,000 from my tutision.” She can’t even spell reimbursement or tuition right, no wonder she can’t get a job.

  • qestar

    a solid attendance record and 2.7 grade-point average = lawsuit like this. What an idiot…

  • Lynn

    I didn’t even know it was possible to pull a 2.7 GPA with a functional IQ over 17. She’s confused as to why she’s unemployed? Seriously?

  • Lili

    Um, if she’s gone into IT, maybe that’s the problem. Half the IT graduates I know are flipping burgers because there’s a glut of IT graduates out there, simple as that. I recently convinced my brother not to go into IT and boy is he happy he didn’t; now he has a job (programming).

  • wisehiney

    How sweet it is. The liberal education establishment taught her to be a dependent idiot. Now their baby sues them. I hope they all do. I have a friend in his late forties who has returned to a state university to finish his degree. He says that he makes good grades without studying because of how everything has been dumbed down. He says that when he looks around his classrooms at the instructors and classmates, he can understand why they had to.

  • suggestion for ms.Thompson, Look up “Locus of Control” (Rotter) “Self-Efficacy”(Bandura} My GPA is not as high, as hers.

  • jholiday

    I know Trina Thompson personally. I had classes with her at Monroe College. She is an absolute failure. I think she should be sueing the school for allowing her to acquire a Bachelors degree. Working in a team was horrible. She never did any work. She was very aggressive, caught attitudes, and wanted to fight guys 2 times her size. She is approximately 4 feet tall. On the job hunt, presentation is one of the most important factors, and she definately is lacking in that class.