10 Amazing Underground Offices


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Think “office building” and something pretty mundane may come to mind: a high-rise structure, for example, hosting tiny cubicle after cubicle fitted with gray, uninspiring décor – scant motivation for getting through the daily grind. However, the following ten workspaces are that little bit different: not only are they tucked away underground – sometimes deep below the surface – but their inspirational architecture may also provide the groundwork for offices of the future.

The other benefits of such unusual locations are clear: underground offices afford privacy and security while in some cases also offering sanctuary from even the severest of elemental forces. The earth naturally insulates the workspaces, and since they tend to be removed from the hustle and bustle of big cities, they’re often more serene places in which to conduct business. Here, then, are ten amazing subterranean offices from around the world.