10 Most Hilarious Abuses of the McDonalds Logo

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Love them or hate them, big fast food chains are here to stay and influence our dietary habits and lives. McDonald’s, as one of the globally most recognized companies, has had to endure some ad spoofs over the years. But as you’ll see, the golden arches and the company’s ever chirpy (yet a bit creepy) mascot Ronald lend themselves to some good-natured mockery.

Advertisers have had a field day with McDonald’s, coming up with creative mock-ads. Here are some recent examples from Adbusters Magazine.

The Big Mac attack doesn’t really need an explanation:

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Nice use of Ronald McDonald and the golden arches – the silenced clown:

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The early fry will get the burger…

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UK designer Jonathan Barnbrook has worked closely with Adbusters Magazine on the above creations. This next one is titled “Rosama McLaden”.

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T-shirts are a great way to mock anything and to carry your message if not on your sleeve then on your chest.

This t-shirt mocking McDonald’s slogan “I’m lovin’ it” has been around for a while but it’s a good one nonetheless.

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Also popular is this one, mocking the company’s slogan “one billion served”:

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And speaking of billions – here’s something about the McDonaldization of MySpace – ‘shopped but we get the point:

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A beautiful artsy spoof and homage to Edward Hopper’s 1942 painting “Nighthawks” is the Mc Hopper’s diner below. All guests being replaced by Ronald McDonalds is a bit creepy though.

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Poor post-war icon Rosie the Riveter has been abused for many things but this transformation into Ronald the Riveter is among the most striking.

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Indicating a holy debate between late Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict about the USP of McDonald’s fries, our last image is a cheeky look at a potential McDonald’s advertising campaign. If only the company could ever get permission for this – sales might skyrocket.

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