5 Reasons I Endorse Barack Obama For President

As a small business owner who voted for George W. Bush in the previous two elections, I am endorsing Barack Obama for President.

Unlike Joe The Plumber, who has no small business, I actually own and operate a small business that currently employs 12 Americans. And it makes me proud to know that I am sharing my success (i.e. spreading the wealth) with my employees.

My employees are Americans who buy increasingly expensive groceries and gas. Americans who pursue the American dream on a daily basis, yet have seen their hopes and dreams slip away under an irresponsible Bush administration.

But unlike Joe The Plumber, who doesn’t own a small business and wouldn’t benefit under McCain’s tax plan, I endorse Barack Obama’s economic plan with vigor and enthusiasm. Here’s why:

1. Productivity is the bedrock of our economy

Barack Obama understands that government can have a positive influence on the productivity of our nation. Under Obama’s tax plan, small businesses would be given tax breaks for creating new jobs with their profits, rather than hoarding their money in off-shore accounts.

Under McCain’s tax plan, which is the equivalent of a blind-shot, businesses who take jobs oversees are equally rewarded as those who create jobs here in America.

This is a fundamental difference.

2. Trickle down economics is leaky

What advocates of trickle down economics won’t tell you is that on the way down, most of the wealth leaks out. CEOs spend wildly on corporate retreats and sex romps while their employees salaries stay flat to declining over the decade.

John McCain wants to give unqualified tax breaks to big companies and their CEOs rather than providing guidance to re-ignite our economy.

Barack Obama wants to create economic mandates for fueling our economy by providing tax cuts to companies that help our economy.

What’s better: tax cuts spent by CEOs at health spas and employees in China or tax cuts used by small businesses to hire new employees, develop new technology, and build a new energy infrastructure?

3. People in a floundering economy need positive vision

John McCain is stuck in the past regarding economics. He falsely believes that a blind-shot tax cut, the same tax cut that has failed miserably under George W. Bush, will save our financial systems and economic health. He’s wrong.

Barack Obama has given us both a short and long term vision for how we direct this country out of our economic downturn and into a state of economic prosperity and global dominance once again. It is a vision that is clear and decisive. One that recognizes the capabilities of this great nation in the same vein as JFK when he called on our country’s space agency to reach the moon. He is not afraid to reach for the sky, and to carry the nation into glory once again.

John McCain, for all his honor, is a gloomy prospect. He does not inspire people to greatness. Barack Obama does.

4. We can do better on health care

There is nothing more important than health. Health is what enables the American Dream. Health is what allows for economic prosperity. Without health, a person’s ability to thrive is severely undermined.

The current state of our health care system is in rough shape. I do not believe that John McCain recognizes this, because I do not believe that John McCain has ever encountered, face to face, a struggle with the health care system. My evidence: McCain’s plan does not come to terms with the nature of our nation’s poor health coverage.

Barack Obama has demonstrated that he is aware of the deep problems within the health insurance industry. Since you can’t solve the problem unless you understand the problem, this disparity between Obama and McCain is a big deal. But Obama doesn’t just know the problem, he has a plan that takes steps in the right direction towards systematically dealing with the problem.

5. A global economy requires global leadership

George W. Bush took our nation from being a global leader to being a global bully. Besides Africa, which George Bush deserves strong credit for, we have lost tremendous ground in every other continent on Earth. This has come to a head with the current global financial crisis as nation after nation is calling for the world to abandon economic policies that place the United States at the center.

I want America to be the center of the world’s economy. But to get there again, we need a leader who the world will respect and take leadership from. John McCain is not this person. Barack Obama is.