50 Tips to Help You Find a Job

Without going into sordid unemployment numbers, let’s just say that lots of people need a job right now. If you’re one of them, increase your odds by following some of the 50 tips below.

Job hunting
Job hunting isn’t easy. What website should you search? Who should you ask? What about the jobs that aren’t advertised? Here’s what to do.

Develop your professional image.

5 job search time wasters.

7 job search secrets you must know.

Attend events when you look for that new job.

Why the recruiter won’t get back to you.

Will working for free help you advance?

Ideas to fast track your job search.

Be a superstar job seeker.

Avoid these costly job search misconceptions.

Use your head to get your foot in the door.

Find the hidden job market to increase your chances of landing a position.

Should you work with a search firm?

A solid list of things to get you through the job search.

Your network is often the key to your employment. Build it, boost it, and nurture it.

Networking tools for your job search.

What has your network done for you lately?

What if you hate “cold” networking?

Start with a plan to grow your network.

Network your way into a job.

The 100-day wall, and other networking expectations.

10 ways to build a high-value network.

3 simple steps for getting job lead referrals.

Resumes and Cover Letters
How to stand out in a sea of resumes and cover letters.

Make your resume stand out.

5 tips to fit your resume onto a single page.

Don’t let a simple resume mistake cost you interviews.

What’s the right format for your resume?

Tips for submitting your online resume.

The secret cover letter headline formula.

All of your efforts won’t amount to anything if your interview skills are subpar. Here are some tips and tricks for improving them.

6 ways to become the top dog before your interview.

Interview for a startup like a pro.

Interview questions to ask your interviewer.

Ace interview questions with the right answers.

Gotcha, sucker interview questions.

A video of interview do’s and dont’s.

Here’s a series of job interview tip videos.

10 ways to ask for the job at your interview.

Your interviewer might be the one sweating.

10 ways to ace the phone interview.

5 stupid and 5 real
interview questions.

Online Tools and Skills
Your social network, website, and online presence will help employers discover how good you really are.

Find a job using Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Make the most of Facebook
in your job search.

How much time should you spend networking online?

Pay attention to your online reputation–employers are.

Following up is an art form.

Build your digital relationships before you need them.

Is career search 2.0 worth it?

Miscellaneous Tips
Even more tips for landing that perfect gig.

This blog is a good source for daily job listings and commentary.

Watch out for job scams when you’re job hunting. They’re at an all-time high.

Rehearse for job search

A cheat sheet for completing part-time job applications.

Choosing between multiple job offers (you lucky devil).

Written by Drea Knufken

Currently, I create and execute content- and PR strategies for clients, including thought leadership and messaging. I also ghostwrite and produce press releases, white papers, case studies and other collateral.