8 Ways To Get Honest Feedback From Customers

Customer feedback is one of the most valuable tools available to ensure the success of your business. Providing different avenues for customers to give their honest opinions has become easier, thanks to the Internet.

“Snail mail” still has a valuable place in customer service, satisfaction and feedback. Online feedback forms, however, are quickly becoming the chosen method for gathering customer opinions. By using any of the eight following methods, you can provide ways for your customers to give you their honest feedback.

1. “Snail mail” – Using the postal service to deliver surveys, feedback cards and polls is a classic method of getting customer opinions. This method provides a personal touch because you can add a handwritten note to each form, encouraging customers to be honest.

2. GetSatisfaction – This unique feedback program utilizes a knowledge base created by your company and customers. Customers can quickly search other questions, ask their own question, make suggestions, and even offer praise. GetSatisfaction features an easy setup interface and a free trial.

3. KISSinsights
– This exceptional online survey software operates differently than other survey software. A small widget slides up from the bottom of the screen, asking customers no more than two questions. Customers can quickly enter their honest answers with minimal effort. KISSinsights includes a free plan with ready-made questions or you can create your own questions with the affordable premium plan.

4. Zoomerang – This survey software features embedded surveys for your website, detailed reports and easy-to-read graphs for analyzing results. Tutorials and guides help even the inexperienced user to create a useful and detailed survey. Zoomerang offers a free plan that allows you to create surveys containing up to twelve questions. Two annual plans offer unlimited questions.

5. Usabilla – Usabilla is a program that allows you to test your website at any stage of development. Simply create your test, invite your customers to participate and review the results. This program includes a free plan and makes it easy to see what people like about your website and which areas need improvement.

6. QHub – This easy-to-use program takes the guesswork out of creating a question and answer form. With a fifteen-day free trial, you can quickly create a simple question and answer website for your business. Users can ask their own questions, search other questions, answer questions, and leave feedback.

7. IdeaScale – This simple interface allows customers to leave their ideas and feedback for your website. They can then vote on ideas and the ones with the most votes rise to the top of the list. This makes it easy for you to see which ideas concern customers the most. IdeaScale has three pricing plans, including a free option.

8. CrowdSound – This interactive software encourages feedback from customers and lets them track your responses. CrowdSound is available as a separate website or as a widget and comes with a free plan.

Although “snail mail” surveys and feedback cards are still useful, especially for the personal touch, online feedback forms are more convenient.

By utilizing one of the many ways to gather customer feedback, you can encourage your customers to participate, build relationships with customers and improve your website and business.