Arrow Trucking Lays Off Employees by Stranding Them at Truck Stops

Image: Overdrive Digital

Tulsa-based Arrow Trucking is leaving its drivers around the country stranded as it faces financial difficulty. Tulsa World reports:

Drivers from Tennessee to Wyoming said they have had the company stop payment on their gas cards, stranding them at truck stops around the country. Arrow President and CEO Doug Pielsticker could not be reached for comment, nor could Executive Vice President Joe Mawry.

An administrative aide at the company, who did not want to be identified, said the company executives told about 200 people in the offices at 4230 S. Elwood Ave. to pack their belongings and go home Tuesday morning. And workers could be seen carrying boxes out from the company’s offices as wrecker trucks hauled semitrailers away. Most of the telephones at the company were not working, she said.

(One source) said workers weren’t given their last paychecks and benefits have been cut off. Some drivers are stranded along their
routes and are struggling to find a way home because of orders to sideline the rigs, she said.

Arrow, which operates about 1,400 trucks throughout the United States, is in financial difficulty, drivers say.

Ouch. That is one nasty way to lay off employees. I hope they have a good explanation for this.

Written by Drea Knufken

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