Best Credit Cards

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What constitutes the “best” credit cards will largely depend on the type of person you are and the way in which you live. As you go through the various stages of your life, your financial needs change and inasmuch as credit card companies offer “flexible friends” for practically every occasion, compiling a list of the “best” credit cards is meaningless without reference to your financial development.

Consequently, we have opted to present a “credit card chronology” to outline what you may require from your credit card from the cradle to the grave.

Best Credit Cards for College Students

You will probably get your first credit card while you are still studying. With no credit history, your choice may be pretty limited, and applying for credit cards that you are unlikely to get will negatively affect your credit rating. Although prepaid credit cards are a great way to get started on the credit card ladder, sometimes you actually need credit!

Look for the best credit cards which offer you:-

  1. No annual fee
  2. A cashback program
  3. Rewards for maintaining your account in good order

Best Credit Cards for College Graduates

This could be the stage in your life when you need more purchasing power to realize your dreams of 2.4 kids, a Labrador retriever called Marley and life in Palm Beach (or dreams of your own). You want to make homes, enjoy life and have access to emergency cash whenever you need it, but not be hindered by large credit liabilities or restrictive credit card facilities

Look for the best credit cards which offer you

  1. O% APR balance transfers
  2. Low regular APR
  3. Cashback incentives

Best Credit Cards for International Travel

Once you have reached credit card adulthood, you will have developed a good credit rating. Employed and a little more financially responsible than you were in the past, new credit card opportunities open up to you in terms of international travel rewards. Get value from everyday purchases and save your Reward points to redeem for air miles and other travel incentives.

Look for the best credit cards which offer you:-

  1. Rewards for any travel expense
  2. No foreign transaction fees
  3. Cards which are accepted in foreign countries

Best Credit Cards for Rewards

For those that reach the giddy echelons of credit card maturity, the best credit cards are a reward in themselves for establishing and maintaining an excellent credit rating. You will be showered with gifts, cashback and air miles, but most importantly – low interest rates for life´s major purchases. Being financially responsible throughout your life can be rewarded in many different ways.

Look for the best credit cards which offer you:

  1. Accelerated reward programs with no expiration date
  2. 0% APR on new purchases
  3. No annual fee

Best Credit Cards to Rebuild Credit

Sometimes slips happen on the path to credit card maturity and there is a need to rebuild one´s credit rating. This can happen at any time of life, and deciding on the best credit cards to rebuild credit will still be influenced by the type of person you are and the way in which you live. It is possible to rebuild your credit without cost or risk, but needs to be done with commitment.

Look for the best credit cards which offer you:-

  1. Pre-application without further negative impact
  2. Regular reports to credit bureaus
  3. A messaging service which reminds you when payments are due

As you can see, there is no definitive “best” credit card and probably never will be. As you progress through life, change your “best” credit card to get the maximum benefits available to suit your requirements – and not those of the credit card company!