Crossing the Facebook Line – Personal to Business


Do you use Facebook? And if so, are you using it personally or professionally? If the answer is both, do you keep separate accounts and identities? Or have you melded all into one? Maybe you’re like my friend who has a regular personal profile for friends and family, and an alter-ego for those friends who can take her special brand of humor.

I ask because I’m at the point in my Facebook life that I’m ready to start really using it to market my work in magazines, in the blog, and in fiction. The problem is I’m not yet famous enough to have an “author” page. I wouldn’t have any fans. I’m hoping my some of my friends will like my work, become fans, and share it with their friends. Fundamental social networking.

But up until now, I’ve pretty much only accepted Facebook friend requests from people I actually know. Granted, if we went to sixth grade together, I’m counting that. But I’ve¬†pretty much been drawing the line at actually meeting the person at least once, or having some pretty significant online interaction with them. But that’s no way to grow a readership. So….. I’m crossing that line. And I’m looking for guidance. Because after all, those are still all my real friends and acquaintances on Facebook. Who knows what they’ll say?

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on my journey. In the meantime, I’m sharing my research.

Interesting comments (especially in the comments) on how people are becoming more like companies, and companies are becoming more like people.

When posed with the question of should you use separate accounts (or apps – like Facebook and LinkedIn) for business and personal connection, people are still split. (See the comments in that post.) But how do you know how people will try and connect? If they want to do business on Facebook and you’re a strictly LinkedIn for business, you’re going to miss out, right?

And this is why we love Mashable: awesome social media messaging advice that had me heading for my pencil and notebook.

Image Credit: daveynin, Flickr