Dirty Money: 10 Ways That Landscaping Companies Stay In the Black

Landscaping Companies

Landscaping is an incredibly profitable business, but most people seem to think of it as seasonal. However, there is a lot less seasonality to this business than you would think. There are plenty of things that landscaping companies do in the off-season (and throughout the year!) that make them as profitable as they are. You can read about some of those ten things below.

Implementing Additional Services

A lot of landscaping companies go above and beyond to serve their customers and implementing additional services is one of those ways that also gives them a financial boost. A lot of companies also offer window washing and handyman services. These can be a bonus offer that they offer periodically that customers can opt into, or it can be considered one of their premium services that customers can add to their contracts. Either way, doing more than just cutting grass is something that has set several companies apart over time.

Leaf Removal in the Fall

In order to beat the seasonality in the colder climates (because grass grows year-round in the south, doesn’t it?) there are many landscaping businesses that have started to come up with solutions to service their customer yards year-round. Leaves are beautiful for the first few weeks, and then they can become a hassle. So, to keep the cash flowing, a lot of companies offer leaf removal services when the seasons change. This could be as simple as raking someone’s yard to something more involved like keeping their gutters cleaned out as well.

Snow and Ice Removal in Winter

Snow and ice removal was an industry worth over a billion dollars last year in 2017, but landscaping companies have been getting their slice of the pie for much longer than that now. Some companies offer to shovel snow, scrape off decks, porches, and stairs, and even salt driveways for their customers. This is great because it keeps these businesses running during a time when things would presumably slow down, and it can make life easier for those who are too old or just not in the physical condition to do such hard but necessary work.

Keeping Up With Maintenance

Mowing the lawn every four weeks is something that comes to mind when you think of a landscaping company, but there is a lot more to do throughout the summer, and these companies are answering that call. There are gardens that need to be weeded and fertilized, hedges and trees that need to be trimmed back, and more. Keeping up with all of a customer’s outdoor maintenance is something that will keep customers coming back and keep the money coming in.

Lending Expertise to Large Projects

While a lot of landscapers do the ‘on-the-ground’ type of work, there are a lot more larger projects that take place. Some things that landscapers are also responsible for helping install and clean pools, building walls or sidewalks, planting trees, and so on. Sometimes, there are people or corporations that want to change their yard or the landscaping around their buildings drastically, and they will call in a landscaper to help them make estimates on the costs of labor and materials or to talk about what would look the best given the space they have to work with.

Lending a Holiday Helping Hand

There are a lot of people that put up extravagant decorations for the holidays and love to do so, but they might need a little bit of extra help. That’s why there are a few businesses out there that have added this to their list of additional services that they offer their customers. There are landscaping companies that use this as a way to keep their customers’ lives running smoothly. Most of this service probably goes towards corporate clients so that them employees won’t have to do this, like the Christmas lights at the World of Coca-Cola, etc.

Buy Materials and Equipment in Bulk

This is something that landscapers do that isn’t particularly on the front end of things, but that is making sure that they purchase all of their materials and equipment in bulk. Manufacturers will often give discounts when companies make sure to buy their materials in bulk because offering the discount helps to yield them a higher profit in the long run. Landscaping companies have to stock much more than lawnmowers, like wood, bricks, fertilizer and more.

Simply Working Hard

This one seems incredibly obvious, but it is worth pointing out that landscaping is exceptionally strenuous work because most of it is done in the hot sun. Not to mention, it takes an eye for detail, an intimate knowledge of the way plants react to the weather, the soil, and so on, and strong time management skills to maximize the number of clients serviced in a day. There are some businesses that are up to some shady stuff because it’s difficult to double check behind some tasks, so they’ll cut corners. Ensuring that their employees are dedicated to what they’re doing is another way that the longstanding and reputable companies keep the doors open.

Caring For Their Customers

This is another point that may seem like a no-brainer, but its simplicity makes it easy to overlook. Landscaping companies do some incredible work, and the right businesses in the industry do it gladly, interacting with customers, exceeding expectations, and forming a bit of a relationship with the clients that they see most regularly. This should be a given in any business, but it really isn’t. Residential landscapers that remain profitable do so by caring for their clients and the outcomes that they receive. Landscapers understand that your business is only as good as its reputation when you deal locally.

More Than Just A Contract

It is true that most companies that provide home services operate on a contract basis, like cleaning services, pest control, and of course, yard maintenance. However, one this that sets apart many of the successful landscaping businesses is that they do allow for clients to purchase their assistance in a more ‘a la carte’ fashion. This means that some companies will let you pay them to mow your yard or plant your bulbs just one time, as opposed to signing on to a contract for 6 months, a year, etc. This opens them up to receive more clients, not to mention that most services out-of-contract come with a steep premium.