People of Walmart: Beware


The new People of Walmart blog relies on user-submitted images of “outrageously bad / ugly / creepy / crazy shoppers” that grace the aisles of the world’s largest retailer.

Based on their About page, the guys who started the website seem pretty cool. I can’t quote my favorite bits here, but part of their philosophy reads:

There is no reason to send us pictures of people that are seriously and unfortunately handicapped so don’t be an asshole. We are trying to have some fun here and there is a difference between someone who is mentally challenged and a person who has a fu Manchu and is still rocking MC Hammer pants.

We would also like to stress that we are in no way liable if you get your ass beat by Bubba when he catches you taking his picture.

I’m really curious to know two things:

  • how Walmart is going to react
  • how the site owners are going to monetize the site

Image Credit: Brave New Films, Flickr