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  • Walmart Free Grocery Pickup Program

    Walmart has expanded its free grocery pickup service

    Walmart is expanding its free curbside pickup of groceries into eight new cities this month. The company plans to expand the number of stories with the service by a third to about 200 with a footprint of 30 cities in the mix. “The data we’ve collected gives us confidence that with existing customers we are […]

  • Walmart

    11 largest family businesses in the world

    With the rise of globalization, it’s sometimes difficult to find a family-owned business unless you live in a rural area. Still, there are some large corporations in the world that are still owned by family members generations after they were founded. Last year, Credit Suisse introduced the CS Global Family 900 universe. This database shows […]

  • Walmart Cage-Free Eggs

    Walmart is switching to cage-free eggs over the next 10 years

    Walmart has announced plans to fully replace its egg supply with cage-free alternatives by 2025. The country’s largest retailer announced on Tuesday that it would make the move gradually over the next decade. It’s a big win for the cage-free egg movement since Walmart sales account for about 25% of all groceries sold in the […]

  • iPhone discounts at Walmart

    Walmart cuts iPhone prices by $100

    Walmart has rolled back the cost of its iPhone and Galaxy smartphones for the next three months. Starting today, customers who purchase an Apple iPhone will receive $100 off their purchase. Samsung Galaxy smartphone buyers can claim a $150 discount. The discounts apply to all currently available models available at each store, including the newest iPhone […]

  • Walmart core shoppers have no money to shop

    Walmart’s core customer group is too poor to shop

    Walmart is in trouble and a big chunk of its trouble comes down to the flat income levels of its core customer base. According to Moody’s, the company’s core customers are struggling with flat income levels, and savings from lower fuel prices aren’t translating into more retail spending. In a note to client’s on Wednesday Moody’s Vice […]

  • Wal-Mart

    Walmart is losing in a crucial category that will determine its future

    Walmart is losing in a category that may ultimately determine the company’s future and overall profitability in an age of growing e-commerce. While Target has managed to post huge increases in its e-commerce business, Walmart has been sluggish in the same category and has actually been witnessing some troubling declines in sales. In the most […]

  • Walmart bleak retail outlook

    Walmart’s predictions for 2016 paint a bleak retail picture

    Walmart is not expecting any significant growth in 2016 (Fiscal 2017) and that’s bad news for the retail industry on a whole. The company’s sales predictions have been falling in recent months. In October, the company said it expected growth of 3% to 4% every year for the next three years. On Thursday, the company […]

  • Walmart donating millions of bottles of water in Flint Michigan

    Walmart is donating 6.5 million bottles of water to Flint schools

    Walmart and several major companies are coming together to donate 6.5 million bottles of water to students who attend school in Flint, Michigan. Walmart, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Nestle will provide Flint’s 10,000 students with clean water throughout 2016, Walmart announced on Tuesday. The donation comes at a time when the city’s water supply has been […]

  • Wal-Mart Facing Lawsuit Ammo

    Wal-Mart faces lawsuit over bullets used in three murders

    Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is facing a lawsuit in Pennsylvania after bullets purchased at the store were used in three murders. The lawsuit claims store employees were negligent when they allowed an underage, drunk customer to purchase the box of bullets. Families of the three victims are seeking compensatory and punitive damages from Wal-Mart and several […]

  • Walmart Website Slow on Thanksgiving Day

    Wal-Mart’s Online Shopping Experience Was Miserable On Thanksgiving

    Wal-Mart’s website malfunctioned during the Thanksgiving shopping rush on Thursday morning, just as shoppers flocked to the site. It was the first time Wal-Mart decided to offer its Black Friday ‘doorbusters’ through its website and the company offered those items hours before they were available in U.S. stores. The discounts, which were offered in stores […]