Why Are Subscription Box Companies So Popular?

For years, the subscription box has helped us solve some lives previously unsolvable problems. How am I supposed to remember to buy razor blade refills? What if I want a new pair of shoes every month? Subscription boxes offer not only unique items and may prevent a trip to the store, but also the singular feeling of looking forward to a package in the mail. There’s a subscription box out there for everyone. What’s in yours?

Dollar Shave Club, a pioneer in the subscription box craze offers a simple yet necessary service: sending high quality razors right to your door step. For as low as $1 a month you can expect three cartridge refills every month along with a free razor handle upon signup. Following the same vein of health and beauty, Birchbox emerged. Geared towards women’s skin care, for $10 a month subscribers will receive between three and five beauty and grooming products in the mail every month.

If your interests lean more towards food and drink, Carnivore Club and Bitters+Bottles might be the ones for you. At just $50 a month, Carnivore Club will send you around 5 cured artisan meats straight to your doorstep, with a focus on ethical treatment and local sourcing. Bitters+Bottles specializes in helping you build that home bar you’ve always been dreaming of with three to six bottles every months, complete with cocktail recipes.

And for the wildcard, boxes like BellyCrate got your back. Working with belly dancing accessories, the discerning subscriber will receive everything they need to begin a belly dancing career from hip scarves to henna tattoos. Nerd Block offers fun monthly themed “nerd” gear from comics to horror, with junior versions available for kids as well. The Blowze box offers a refreshing change from the bland tissue boxes that dominate the market by distributing a uniquely designed and colorful box every month.

Looking for the perfect subscription box for you? Read through this infographic for the rundown on some of the most popular boxes out there and how you can get your hands on them.

blowze subscription box