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  • 10 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Economic Collapse

    The End is Nigh, and we’re not just talking about Glenn Beck’s ratings. Some economists are saying that the US has passed the point of no return with its economy, which means economic collapse is as inevitable as Charlie Sheen’s future apologies. There’s lots you’ll need to do before hunkering down in your zombie-proof bunker […]

  • Are Food Prices Worth the Worry?

    Oil prices are levitating; as a result, everyone is freaking out about food. Food prices, that is, which threaten to increase more (and cause riots, and shortages, and all those other fun aftereffects) as oil climbs the stairway to heaven. I recently wrote a couple of articles for a Minyanville feature package on food prices. […]

  • The Cost of Living: Healthy vs. Unhealthy

    We all know that we should eat right, exercise and live an overall healthy lifestyle. However, not everyone does. Eating healthy foods generally costs more; however , a habit of eating cheaper junk foods can lead to obesity — which is quite expensive in terms of health care costs.

  • Does Growing Your Own Food Really Save Money?

    (Image credit: fotzepolitic.com) The New York Times today put out a piece on this year’s unexpected rise in home gardening. Seed companies and garden shops say that not since the rampant inflation of the 1970s has there been such an uptick in interest in growing food at home. George C. Ball Jr., owner of the […]