This Week’s Weird Jobs


Do you ever wish that you had a cool job title, even if the work itself wasn’t that great? If you swing two of the jobs below, you could be a female groom, a nude trainer, and work at Doggie Style. You can’t beat that:

1. Dublin: Jobs at Doggie Style Mobile Washing & Grooming

We are looking for experienced dog groomers to work with our expanding team.

At Doggie Style, our strategy is simple. We hire the best and most passionate groomers we can find, then reward them with great salaries and bonus packages. We value efficiency, simplicity, attention to detail and working smart. We place great emphasis on maintaining a flexible, fun and honest environment where everyone’s opinion is respected and where people’s contributions are acknowledged and rewarded.

Plus, you get to answer “doggie style” when someone asks you where you work. Priceless.

2. Kentucky: Female Grooms Wanted

Requesting experienced female grooms for 2009 harness horse racing season in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania at Pocono Downs. Qualified applicants will be responsible for 4 to 5 well-bred horses in training. Grooms must have an understanding of daily harness racing routines, equipment, feeding, and be able to identify illness, soreness, and lameness, etc.

In this case, if someone asks you what you do, make sure that you mention horses.

3. Los Angeles: Got Talent? Want Fame? Interviews? Red-Carpets? Exposure? – PUBLICIST

Actors gain press from your work and develop your presence in films, tv shows, and theatre. Singers get labels to notice you, radio to play your songs, soundtracks to add your tracks.

No contracts, monthly services, low rates.

Actors Singers Bands Dancers Models Authors Films Products Websites

Compensation: $200 per month

We don’t know the difference between a job posting and an advertisement for our services. That’s the kind of PR you’ll get from us, too.


Hi guys,

I am looking for good looking certified trainers to train nude in a private training facility with gay guys.

I am looking for guys that comfortable train in the nude. It’s the client choice if he train dressed or in the nude. You and the client are the only one at gym. No one else!!! I am NOT looking to provide sex to my Client just motivation. I just want my client to feel welcome, safe & comfortable.

Must not be afraid of sticky vinyl surfaces, falling objects, or bumping into client on a regular basis.

5. Nationwide: Once upon a time were you a successful Loan Officer or Realtor?

Wow, remember those days? We bought expensive cars, dined at great restaurants, bought beautiful clothes, owned nice homes and always had lots of money to spare. And we deserved it. We worked hard and we played hard!

Who would have guessed the end would come so quickly for so many?

Bearing that in mind it may surprise you (and it certainly surprised me) that there is a small group of Ex-Loan Officers, Brokers and Realtors who are today earning MUCH MORE then they ever did during the mortgage boom times.

In fact not only are they earning great commissions they’re experiencing something you and I never had – RESIDUAL INCOME!

I was at first but then I tapped into a (not so well) hidden secret. That you can sell OTHER financial services to people, such as Annuities and various Insurance products that are ten times`easier to sell then a standard refinance package and (most important of all) you can earn treble the commissions you’re used to making on a standard refinance.

If you know someone who’s losing money through their 401K or playing the market and they need savvy advice, to save like the rich – you have a potential client (think Robert Kiyosaki)! It’s as easy as that.

Sell insurance to someone so that they can save money, then you can once again drive around in a fancy car. Isn’t that the kind of thinking that got us here in the first place?

Happy Friday!

Written by Drea Knufken

Currently, I create and execute content- and PR strategies for clients, including thought leadership and messaging. I also ghostwrite and produce press releases, white papers, case studies and other collateral.