Top 8 Traits Employers Look For

When looking for employment you should keep in mind the needs of potential employers. Of course you want the job – but what do employers want from you?

1. Loyalty – Loyal employees are the backbone of any organization. Look at your resume (or LinkedIn profile), does your work history seem like that of a loyal employee? If there are short term roles listed make it clear they were temporary jobs. Jobs not relevant to the role can be omitted. At interview do not gossip or share details of previous employers, colleagues or mutual acquaintances – indulging in tittle-tattle will make you appear disloyal.

2. Honesty – Employers need to be able to trust you. Never pad you resume, be honest about qualifications and experience. Nothing is more likely to make you appear dishonest than being caught in a half truth at interview.

3. Punctuality – Bosses need to know their workers will be at their posts on time every day as poor timekeeping can cost a company customers. Demonstrate good timekeeping by turning in your application form on time. If given an interview appointment make sure you arrive at least ten minutes in advance of you allotted time.

4. Determination – People who want to do well are much more likely to work with passion and gain results for their employers. When given the chance to question a potential employer at interview, don’t be afraid to ask about opportunities for advancement, as this will display determination and alert the interviewer to your desire to succeed.

5. Flexibility – The ever changing face of business means employers need workers who are willing to move with the times, adapting to the evolving demands of their role. Use your application form to demonstrate how you have been flexible in previous roles – if you took on extra responsibilities or undertook additional training make sure you let them know.

6. Smart Appearance – Whether you will be working in a formal or casual environment, it is important to take care with your appearance at interview. If you look scruffy employers may ignore your skills, assuming that someone who doesn’t take pride in themselves will be unlikely to take pride in their work.

7. Positive Outlook – Employers want go-getters on their team. Showing a positive outlook at interview is essential. If you have been made redundant from a previous role, don’t bemoan your fate to a potential boss, instead explain how excited you are to be exploring new opportunities.

8. Communications SkillsCommunication skills are key. Ensure your application and resume are grammatically correct, ask a friend or family to look them over for you to help catch any typos or errors. At interview think before you speak, choose your words carefully and ensure they convey the message clearly. Don’t “um” and “ah” – it is better to take a few seconds to compose an answer than to say something stupid.

Demonstrating these eight key skills can help you land your dream role, and displaying these traits in your daily working life will make you stand out over other employees when the opportunity for advancement arises.