25 Most Promising New Products for 2010

2010 is a promising year for products in general. Eco-innovations will help conserve energy, while futuristic concepts like commercial space travel and console-free gaming will finally come to fruition.

We reviewed pages of 2010 products to bring you the most functional, promising, and novel of the batch. If you’re tired of waiting for flying cars and voice-controlled sunglasses, this just might be your year.

25. nPower Personal Energy Generator


The PEG harvests one of the biggest energy hogs on earth–you. Place the little device into your bag or briefcase, plug in your cell phone, GPS, or iPod, and let your kinetic energy power up your gadgets while you walk. You can get an 80% charge in one hour through your own energy alone. Green and brilliant.

24. Flying Car: Terrafugia


Even though we’re well into the 2000s, nobody has come up with a Jetsons-style flying car. Until now. The Terrafugia Transition is more of a driving plane than a flying car, but it’s a promising first step. The world’s first street legal plane hits runways and highways in 2010.

23. Sony 3D-360 Hologram


No glasses needed! Just turn on your tabletop unit and enjoy a 360-degree view of images and possibly video through this stereoscopic display. Sony isn’t yet sure what to use it for, but ads, video games, and medical visualizations are just a few ideas.

22. Xeros Waterless Washing Machine


The waterless washing machine isn’t as sexy as some of the other gadgets arriving in 2010, but its conservation qualities should be applauded. It uses nylon beads and a spin cycle to clean your clothes, saving water while potentially reducing the need for dryers.

21. Recompute: The Cardboard Computer


Cardboard is the new black. Legions of product made primarily of corrugated cardboard are hitting the market. This little beauty will benefit anyone who has ever broken that little sticker while changing out a sound card or adding memory to a CPU.

20. Powermat Wireless Battery Charger


If you’re tired of carrying around one charger per electronic toy, you’re in luck. The Powermat lets you charge your iPhone, Blackberry, Nintendo DS, and most other gadgets on the same mat. One mat, one plug.

19. Samsung Water-Powered Battery


Sure, one mat, one plug is cool. But what if you didn’t have to plug in at all? Samsung is speeding past the AC plug, around the solar charger, and directly into the water faucet. Its new micro-fuel cell and genereator rpowers your cell phone through water alone. Jury’s still out on whether it will work long-term.

18. Camaro: Tranformers Edition


Love muscle cars? Have you seen Transformers more times than all your nieces and nephews?
Then this head-turner is for you. Note that the car does not actually transform, nor does it come with any multi-weaponry.

17. Apple Tablet


It has always been tough to determine what Apple will put out in the next year. But this time, the anecdotal evidence seems to add up. It’s safe to say you will see a touchscreen-based tablet Apple product that will both fight with Kindle for books and netbook manufacturers for small computing.

16. The Honda Bicycle Simulator


As part of a universal quest to replicate outdoor activities without actually going outside, Honda has unveiled a new kind of bicycle. It doesn’t actually go anywhere, but it does simulate real-life situations riders may face on the way to work or the store. Think of it as defensive driving for bicyclists.

15. Panasonic 50-inch 3D 1080p Plasma TV

Image: Slashgear

Have you noticed the slew of new movies coming out in 3D? This new kind of TV could be the reason. Once you spring for specialized glasses, a new Blu-ray player, and a bunch of 3-D DVDs, you’ll be ready for this TV.

14. Gibbs Quadski


Here’s the scene. 007 is in the middle of an ATV chase, 4-wheelers spewing mud all around him as he speeds toward the sea. He looks like he’s done for. Then, suddenly, he plows into the ocean and hits a button. The wheels on his ATV fold as he speeds away, spraying water on the bad guys. This ATV/Jetski can be yours next year, in the form of the Quadski. Bad guys not included.

13. Space Elevator

Image: Spaceward Foundation

You can’t actually buy one of these, but you might be able to help build one and then own it. The Space Elevator, formerly the stuff of science fiction, will become reality in 2010, when building teams will compete for cash–and bragging rights–to actually get it done.

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12. 2010 Brabus Mercedes-Benz Viano Lounge


Tilt back in your leather lounge chair. Turn on the Sat TV. Load your Nespresso machine with the finest coffee beans in the world, then take a photo of it all with your iPhone. Load the photo and to your Twitpic from the on-board Sony Vaio laptop. Did I mention that you can do all this while cruising down the interstate at 80 mph? Classy.

11. Plasma Scalpel


Touted as a lightsaber for military doctors, the new plasma scalpel works by using ionized gas in a controlled light beam. This simultaneously slices and cauterizes a wound on the battlefield. Coming in 2010 to a war zone near you. Here’s to hoping you never see one!

10. Touch Wood


There’s only one thing cooler than corrugated cardboard in technology. Its name is wood. The Japanese are leading a trend called Mori Girl (Forest girl), which aims to limit the use of plastic by using sustainable wood instead.

9. V12 Dual-Touchscreen Notebook


Canova 2.0 is working with an undisclosed US manufacturer to change the screen game. The new dual-LCD screen laptop could take the form of big iPhone-style touchscreens or, if they’re working with a different company (they won’t say who it is), simply one of the neatest laptops ever to hit markets.

8. OnLive

Image: Onlive

OnLive is simple: Play the hottest video games from your TV, PC or Mac over a broadband connection. No console, no discs. Some very smart people are predicting that OnLive might be the “console killer.” That may be stretching it, but the technology seen at E3 is hard to argue with.

7. MyKey by Ford


Teens have a propensity for unsafe driving. That’s hardly news, but what parents can now do to encourage safe driving is. The MyKey can be set to control the vehicle by limiting speed, chiming when the gas tank is 75 miles from empty, and limiting the car’s audio by as much as 44%. Kids will hate it. That’s probably why it’s such a good thing.

6. Tri-Specs

Image: TriSpecs

You have your phone, your iPod, your headphones, and your wi-fi headset, in case you get a call. You have your sunglasses. You’re ready to go–or are you? What if you could pull on your shades and have all of the above, in one cool package? Enter Tri-Specs. They come built-in Bluetooth wireless headphones for an MP3 Player or cell phone, retractable earbuds, built-in volume control, and even voice control. For $200, you can be the coolest kid on the block.

5. Microsoft Xbox360 Project Natal


Now that Microsoft did the wireless controller right, they’re throwing it out the virtual Window in favor of Project Natal. Rumored to be coming at one of next year’s conferences, PN will have no controller or wires connecting you with the screen. We’ll see if it works.

4. Google Wave


Google has a way of inventing things that people do not know they need until they understand the product. Its latest such creation is Google Wave. It’s not email. It’s not chat. Rather, a Wave is a document that acts like a conversation, live and changeable on the fly. Rich media drives the experience. But you won’t really know how much you need it until Google actually gives it to you.

3. The KS810 Keyboard Scan

Image: Geek.com

This keyboard with a fully-integrated scanner takes product hybridization one step further. The KS810 keyboard contains a full-color, 600dpi scanner that lets you drop scans into most online applications. If keyboard scanning isn’t your thing, product creator Lifeworks is also offering a keyboard with a built-in iPod dock.

2. Corrugated Cardboard Laptop Case

Image: Inhabitat

If you’re sick and tired of those cool-looking black leather laptop cases, rejoice! Giles Miller has designed a customizable cardboard box for that perfectly fits your little Netbook. You can even put your own logo on it. Take that, Targus.

1. Gocycle Electric Bicycle

Image: Mecho

Coast in electric mode for up to 20 miles in this little sucker, then fold it up and take it with you. Of course, you might want to pedal every now and then, just to make it look like you’re making an effort.

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    lol Fail.

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    How can I become a distributor of the following products?
    Google Wave,Tri-Specs,MyKey by Ford,OnLive,Touch Wood. Apple Tabletand

    I truly beleive that these products are going to be HOT… as well as the other ones.

    Lisa please be serious

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    MyKey by Ford = Key word in name Ford
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  • Not much in the way of innovation. We were developing a version of the nWave a decade ago.

    The cardboard computer is a joke.

    The power mat is old news and was developed in the U.K. well over a decade ago by Pilgrim Beart.

    Other than the bike and power cell it looks like a lackluster lineup of yesterday’s news and hype.

    And after developing several green technologies long before the term was coined I find that most recent offerings are ill conceived hyper optimistic, feel good products that will never see the store shelf.

    Excuse my candor but after nearly thirty years a real innovation born of tens of thousands of hours in the lab I have become weary of all the dime-a-dozen award presentations and contraptions that never seem to see the light of day.

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