Geek Business Mistakes


A brilliant idea will make you rich, right? And if you don't protect that idea, someone will steal it. These fallacies, along with a few others, are addressed in an interesting post that discusses the top ten business myths that geeks often believe. In general, I think geeks can learn to be good business people, which is why I wrote previously that business needs more of them.

  • Anonymous

    “most people are pretty dumb (look at how many people vote Republican)”…a drive-by shot like this in a post on a business subject does not tend to make me respect this individual’s intelligence or judgment.

  • It seems very difficult to bring all geeks to a platform, they usually want to be underground. I think social engineering with geek community might be helpful though.

  • Just wondering what will happen if the geeks,nerds and venture capitalist all comes on same platform?