25 Handy iPhone Apps for Business People

More than 550 iPhone apps currently populate the iPhone store, and the number is constantly growing. The challenge lies not in acquiring apps, but in finding the ones relevant to your needs.

Here’s a quick-n-dirty list of some key iPhone apps for small business owners, corporate employees, and everyone in between (In no particular order. Go here for detailed reviews):

1. Mileage Counter

A quick and easy replacement for the traditional written mileage counter, this tool also allows you to calculate your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Handy for small business owners and anyone else who needs to report mileage.

2. Budget Tracker

This tool allows you to set a budget, then enter your expenditures into your iPhone to track how close you are to spending it all.

3. 43 Actions

The ultimate action list, this app allows you to organize actions, add new ones via email or Twitter, check off finished actions, get agendas emailed to you on a regular basis, and more.

4. VAT calculator

A list of countries is available for you to instantly calculate VAT in a variety of countries. Handy for the frequent business traveler.

5. Currencies

Keep an eye on a variety of exchange rates, each equipped with a calculator that goes between your currency and the foreign one.

6. Attendance Countdown

Tracks your working hours easily and quickly. Tap on the time to specify your arrival. The app counts down how many working hours you have left, and allows you to email times for your own records or for your boss.

7. Feed Reader

This RSS feed reader comes equipped with autoscrolling to make getting your daily information fix easily and quickly.

8. Countdownr

Counts down to a date and time; for example, a birthday. Specify a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual countdown message. When the time comes, an alert goes off. Syncs with Google Calendar.

9. Worldwatchr

Allows you to view webcams of your choice directly on your iPhone. Handy for traffic and weather info.

10. Salesforce Mobile for the iPhone

Instant customer information on Salesforce.com’s mobile platform. What more could you ask for?

11. QuickVoice Voice Recorder

A cost-effective, quality voice recorder that Gizmodo loves for its pause feature.

12. Oracle Business Indicators

Business performance info at the touch of an iPhone screen, including a range of analytics. No more need to pop open the laptop before that big meeting.

13. StockWatch

Let your stockwatching obsessions flower with this standard stock app equipped with a column for your real-time gains and losses.

14. Taskr

Another task app, with an Adobe AIR desktop hookup. Easy and convenient.

15. Evernote

Evernote combines the good ol’ task-list function with notes capability and an image search. Syncs across platforms and devices.

16. SugarSync

Access your Mac or PC from anywhere, anytime, viewing and sharing a variety of files. Back up an unlimited number of computers.

17. Local city real time traffic reports

Detailed, real-time traffic conditions with all the usual radio information—what happened, how bad it is, time it happened—plus a map and GPS location.

18. Language Translator

Translates more than 20 languages through the Google language translator.

19. Airport Flight Delays

Flightstats.com data, fitted like a glove to your iPhone. Check out delay info to see if you can sleep in or languish a little longer. http://www.flightstats.com/go/Home/home.do

20. PackageTrackr

Tracks your package through UPS, FedEx, DHL, the US Postal Service, and more. Handy for planning purposes.

21. Map Mailer

Send Google maps locations via email by clicking on a map location, entering text, and sending. Emails come with links to Google Maps. Twice the accuracy and half the cell phone calls for finding colleagues and friends.

22. CareerBuilder App

Search for jobs on the go through CareerBuilder’s website. Use geolocation to find a job near your real-time location.

23. CheckPlease

Easy restaurant price/tip calculator that spits out tip amounts and cost per person.

24. Cards

Stores credit- and ATM card details, as well as bank account information. Just don’t ever forget the encryption password—it’s not retrievable.

25. Balance

Track your budget or bank account balance. Obsoletes the manual checkbook balancing method, but doesn’t (yet) come with password protection.

Written by Drea Knufken

Currently, I create and execute content- and PR strategies for clients, including thought leadership and messaging. I also ghostwrite and produce press releases, white papers, case studies and other collateral.