Gartner Inc. Buys AMR Research for $64 million


IT research firm Gartner, Inc. will buy supply chain research company AMR Research for $64 million in cash. Trading Markets has the wire:

The acquisition is expected to expand Gartner’s suite of research offerings and also complement its consulting and events business. AMR Research’s sales team is also expected to enhance Gartner’s ability to further penetrate the market opportunity for syndicated research.

Gartner CEO Gene Hall said, “AMR Research is an excellent strategic fit for Gartner. The firm is the market leader for research related to supply chain management, which is inextricably linked to IT and has become a central and growing issue for many organizations. We expect the acquisition to give us immediate presence in this market and the ability to generate substantial synergies by selling AMR Research products to Gartner clients and Gartner products to AMR Research clients. The addition of AMR Research’s team of approximately 40 research analysts and 45 sales executives should enable us to offer expanded resources to our clients and increase our opportunities for growth.”

Written by Drea Knufken

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