Honda Recalls 700,000 Cars

Honda announced a recall of almost 700,000 cars, most of them in Asia, after finding a faulty spring in the engine valve train that could cause engine stalling. In the US, the 2009-10 Fit is affected. From the BBC:

Some of the carmaker’s Fit, Freed and City compact car models are affected – though no accidents have been reported. At least 72 complaints had been filed in Honda’s home country of Japan, with 29 elsewhere the firm said. The spring had been placed incorrectly in a small box inside the engine, a spokesman added.

The recall includes 167,000 vehicles in Japan, 156,000 in China, and 233,000 in the rest of Asia, Honda said. About 122,000 cars were being recalled in North America it added.

CNNMoney adds:

The company said the lost-motion springs, which are compressed by rocker arms in normal engine use, may bend or break over time, resulting in abnormal noise and potentially causing engine damage or stalling.

Go to Honda’s recall website to find out if and how this affects you.

Written by Drea Knufken

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