John Howard

John Howard

John Howard is the Business Editor at He is an avid watcher of markets, a wallflower of retail, and a fan of disruptive businesses that utilize technology and unique ideas to form brilliant new ways of doing business.

  • Blue Origin

    Blue Origin successfully crashes a space tourism capsule

    A Blue Origin rocket has now made four safe trips into space and this time around it landed with only two of its three parachutes open. The space tourism company landed its Blue Shepherd rocket again Sunday following an unmanned test flight from its launch site in West Texas. Blue Origin wants to offer its customers […]

  • Smith Wesson

    Smith & Wesson gun sales are up 22%

    Smith & Wesson is breaking records as Americans continue to buy an increasing number of guns. The company on Thursday reported a 22.4% annual increase in firearm sales. Smith & Wesson executives also projected robust sales growth for the next 10 months. Shares of Smith & Wesson jumped by about 7% in after-hours trading after […]

  • Charitable Giving

    Americans donated a record $373.3 billion to charities in 2015

    Americans donated an incredible $373 billion to charities in 2015. That money was collected from individuals, estates, foundations, and companies, according to the annual report Giving USA. A new record of $359 billion was set in 2014. Individual donors were far and away the biggest supporters of various charities. They donated $264.6 billion for a 4% […]

  • TSA sued for making man miss flight

    Airline passenger sues TSA over missed flight in Minneapolis

    A Minnesota flyer is suing the TSA and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport after he missed a flight. Hooman Nikizad claims he missed his flight in March because he was stuck in a security checkpoint line. Nikizad said that he arrived at the airport about two hours ahead of his scheduled departure time. He claims he was […]

  • Tesla Model S suspension problems

    Tesla fires back at NHTSA over claims of suspension threat in Model S

    Tesla on Friday lashed out at the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) after the agency said it received reports of a potentially dangerous suspension problems in the Model S. In a lengthy blog post titled “A grain of salt,” Tesla said there was no problem with the suspension. The company also denied that car […]

  • Bob Iger

    Disney CEO Bob Iger speaks out against high US taxes

    Disney CEO Bob Iger is the latest CEO to speak out against high US taxes that are being paid by his company and many others. Iger says high corporate tax rates in the US are “anti-competitive,” and he described the country’s tax system as “ridiculously complex.” “It doesn’t mean that a company shouldn’t pay taxes, […]

  • HTC 10

    HTC finally finds a CFO after two years of searching

    HTC is bleeding cash reserves, its stock continues to fall, and its market share has dwindled at a troubling rate. No wonder it took two years for the company to find a new CFO. The Taiwanese mobile firm started looking for a new CFO in May 2014 and more than two years later, Peter Shen, formerly […]

  • American Airlines

    American Airlines may have discovered faster in-flight internet

    American Airlines believes it has found a solution that will make its in-flight internet faster for customers. The company has signed a new deal with ViaSat, a satellite internet provider that will service 100 of its newest plans, the 737 MAX. Boeing will start delivering the new jets to American Airlines in 2017. ViaStat is […]

  • Ryanair reduces checked baggage fees

    This airline is cutting checked baggage fees by up to 50%

    European airline Ryanair is cutting some of its checked baggage fees by up to 50% just in time for the busy summer travel season. The low-cost carrier has a unique approach to checked baggage. The airline calculates its checked baggage fees on luggage weight and flight duration. On Thursday, the airline announced that it’s cutting some fees […]

  • Valeant former CEO gets 9 million golden parachute

    Former Valeant Pharmaceuticals CEO gets $9 million golden parachute

    Despite his company falling apart under his watch, former Valeant Pharmaceuticals CEO Michael Pearson has received a $9 million golden parachute. The former CEO, who ended his run at the helm of the struggling company last month, is also eligible for more money, including a pro-rated bonus for 2016, according to his May 26 severance […]

  • Theranos

    Theranos lawsuits continue to stack up following massive blood test errors

    Theranos recently voided two years worth of blood tests and now consumers are starting to file lawsuits against the $9 billion startup. Lawyers on behalf of a man named Casey Jones filed the second lawsuit against the company on Thursday. Jones alleges that the company misled consumers by falsely advertising its tests and technology, as […]