Pumpkin Shortage Could Mean a Sad Halloween

Mark J. Perry points out that pumpkins may be scarce this year.
My home state, Colorado, is one of the states hit by the shortage:

Poor weather conditions have led to a bad pumpkin crop across Colorado this year, according to farmers.

Duane Pope of Pope Farms in Wiggins says the shortage means finding that perfect Halloween pumpkin will be both difficult and expensive.

“Be ready to pay up to 50 cents a pound for a pumpkin this year,” he said.

The news report says that many pumpkin patches were hit by hail earlier this year, fatally scarring young punkins. Bottom line: Either pony up for your pumpkin, or buy a hail-disfigured freak for cheap.

I vote for the freak. It’ll save on time-intensive carving, seed roasting using expensive electricity, and a pricey imported votive candle. Plus, if you keep your pumpkin dark, kids won’t come banging on your door looking for expensive candy.

Heck, why not skip Halloween altogether? It’ll save you at least $10, which you can use to help fill up your gas tank or buy your weekly ration of dried pinto beans at the dollar store…

Written by Drea Knufken

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