You Can Now Save Your Computer Files Inside A Mason Jar

Raspberry Pi Mason Jar File Syncing

If you want to save your computer files via external sources these days, there are literally hundreds of options. Sure you can opt-in to Dropbox or Google Drive, and even save your photos and videos inside your Amazon Prime account but why would you bother when your files can be easily stored inside a regular old mason jar.

A DIYer has merged a Raspberry Pi running BitTorrent Sync with a traditional glass Mason jar. The final result is a platform that automatically syncs with your devices while saving your most important files in a glass enclosure.

To pull off this small piece of tech mastery all you need is the ability to SSH into a Raspberry Pi and install the Raspberry Pi version of BitTorrent Sync (aptly named Raspberry Preserve), Node.js, and a few other packages. If you are really tech savvy you can even use LEDs on the Raspberry Pi which can blink or stay solid depending when data is currently transferring to the device.

You don’t have to attach your Raspberry Pi to a wooden base, but it sure looks better if you do.

Sure this peer-to-peer solution won’t provide you with multiple backups and the ease of mind that comes with knowing that Dropbox or Google Drive is providing you with a secure solution, but it’s most definitely fun.

If you have been playing with Raspberry Pi you are probably familiar with all of the various options the small and affordable device offers. If you want extra backups, just mod in some external storage. You can even add a USB WiFi attachment for a different sync option.

Written by Peter Mondrose

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