Senate Approves $7,500 Tax Credit for Chevy Volt Buyers

Ridelust covers the greener side of lobbying:

Yesterday, the United States Senate passed a new bill that will provide tax credits for plug-in electric vehicles, allowing GM to successfully achieve their goal of obtaining a $7,500 tax credit for Chevy Volt buyers.

According to the new piece of legislation, tax credits for plug-in buyers will start at $2,500 and extend all the up to $7,500 for light-duty vehicle – with Volt buyers being eligible for the maximum allowance.

Here’s Uncle Sam’s plan for his lambs during the next couple of years:

1) Take your money to finance bailout package.

2) Give money back if you buy a plug-in Chevy.

Despite the fact that the legislation is slated to benefit GM most, it has its heart in the right place. We need to go green, well, yesterday.

Here’s to many more green tax credits like these to get the country’s economy back on stable footing.

Written by Drea Knufken

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