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  • 10 U.S. War Heroes Who Became Incredibly Successful Businessmen

    Image Source Making it big in business is no easy feat; a lot of blood, sweat and toil is often required to reach the top. Perseverance, smarts and skill are all key – yet notwithstanding such effort and ability, when success is achieved, the financial rewards can be great, with personal fortunes sometimes amounting to […]

  • The 5 Phoniest Entrepreneurs

      Share As American children, we are told that people are often wealthy because they are hard workers who built empires on boot straps and elbow grease.  As we get older, we realize that there is an even more important component of success in America: connections, and pretending you are successful and lying until enough […]

  • The World’s 5 Youngest CEOs

      Share What does it take to be the World’s Youngest CEO? Marbles, apparently. A lot of marbles. At the age of 8, British “Marble King” Harli Jordean has recently been dubbed the World’s Youngest CEO, stripping 14 year-old Indian animation queen Sindhuja Rajaraman of her title. No joke, folks: The two youngest CEOs this […]

  • 12 Amazing Success Stories of Unlikely Entrepreneurs

    This is a guest post by Merrin Muxlow from Resource Nation. One of my favorite Business Pundit posts of all time profiles 25 visionary entrepreneurs who “created empires from virtually nothing.” While entrepreneurial success stories are always inspiring, the best ones always seem to be those that people can relate to. All due respect to […]