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  • Google Photos

    Google Photos Is Already Storing 3.8 Million Gigs Of Our Data

    Google Photos is already responsible for the storage of 3,720 terabytes of pictures and videos. To store that much data on your own would require 3,809,280 one-gigabyte flash drives. CNNMoney says that equals 119,040 pounds of the thumb drives. Thumb drives can be purchased for around $2 a piece at 1GB these days, that means […]

  • Google now a part of Alphabet Parent company

    Meet Alphabet, Google’s New Parent Company

    Google Inc. on Monday announced a new parent company called Alphabet. In a major shake-up at the company co-founder Larry Page announced the new company in a blog post. Alphabet will contain subsidiaries to separate its core web advertising business from newer ventures like autonomous vehicles, and life-sciences projects. According to Michael Yoshikami, head of Destination Wealth […]

  • Tim Cook Privacy Concerns

    Tim Cook Just Attacked The Rest Of Silicon Valley Over Privacy Policies

    Apple CEO Tim Cook is concerned that Google, Facebook, and other big Silicon Valley tech companies are abusing the personal information of customers. According to The Verge, in a speech delivered remotely to a dinner in Washington, DC hosted by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, where he was being deemed the “champion of freedom,” Cook said: “Our […]

  • 10 Smart Ways Tech Companies Are Emulating Google

    Google’s success story is a rarity – not many companies are able to pull off what they have, going from a simple search engine to one of the wealthiest, most innovative and best known companies in the world. But while most businesses may not be the next Google, smart ones will learn from Google’s business […]

  • 10 Ways Big Brother Wants to Control You (Or Already Does)

    We’ve all noticed a bit of a change in the socio-political atmosphere in the last few years. Whether it’s in the emergence of social networking monopolies or the advancement of tracking systems, it seems more and more that Big Brother has got us covered — in more ways than one.