Google Fiber is attempting to make home phone service cool again

Google Fiber landline phone - Fiber Phone

Google Fiber is the nation’s premiere internet service provider and it’s about to go old school.

The company is planning to launch a landline service for customers, allowing them to maintain a home phone along with their Google Fiber service.

For $10 a month (phone not included), Fiber Phone will do all the things landline phones have ever done.

Because this is Google, there are also some additional  high-tech features included. Fiber Phone features unlimited calls to the US, call filtering and blocking, voicemail transcription, and call forwarding to your mobile.

It might sound like a silly feature for a high-tech company to offer in the age of mobile phones, but the company is still competing with local providers that at least offer a landline phone service for customers.
Google hasn’t revealed when Fiber Phone service will launch.
Are you ready to jump back onto the home phone bandwagon if Google is controlling that line?


Written by Franklin Simmons

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