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  • Who Needs Government? 5 Places That Have Little to None

      Share While a most of us are relatively unhappy with some of the stuff governments do — charging taxes, banning fun things and messing with our guns — we all kind of agree that it’s a necessary evil for a functioning society.  But despite our politicians breathlessly proclaiming that the government needs to take […]

  • The 5 Worst US Presidents in History

      Share In the political arena, the President often becomes the focus of generalized rage at the opposing party, or just the generalized problems with the country overall.  Comparisons to Hitler are not uncommon.  Various hyperbolic statements about the President leading the country down the wrong path, ending all our great traditions, and sneaking into […]

  • 10 Differences Between OWS and The Tea Party

      Share   The media is having a field day when it comes to reporting on Occupy Wall Street (OWS).  Presented with a neat and clean narrative that they can hysterically massage into a controversy, they’ve delightfully contrasted Occupy Wall Street with the Tea Party protests. To hear lazy reporters talk, one would think that […]

  • The 10 Worst Examples of Government and Business Getting Too Close

    Share The most common critique that you’ll hear in regard to the Occupy Wall Street protests is that the protestors’ message is jumbled and incoherent.  They haven’t been able to coalesce around one specific set of policies, grievances or even enemies.  The common rebuttal is that it doesn’t matter, the protests are the expression of […]

  • 10 Ways Michele Bachmann is Like Satan

    Satan wasn’t always such a bad guy. There was a time when Satan was the coolest new kid on the block, and all the other angels wanted to hang out with him and wear the same color Nikes. Satan’s history is longer than just ‘the evilest guy ever’ and in his storied past, there are […]

  • 10 Reasons Overthrowing the Government Would Fix the Economy

    With revolutions all across the Arab world, riots spreading through Europe, and the continued persistence of the economic downturn, it seems like everyone’s coming to the consensus that perhaps the situation has become so unthinkably bad that previously unthinkable solutions might be necessary.  Government solutions to catastrophic economic collapse have rarely been neat or pretty, […]

  • 10 of the Dumbest Political Parties

    Ah, political parties, like a pimple on the face of America right before a prom. Oh, you can treat it, but the big ones never really go away and the little ones are just as annoying. Here is a countdown to 10 groups that are slowly destroying America.