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  • 5 Worst As Seen on TV Products

      Share If you’ve ever been stuck at home during the day, The Price is Right has already come and gone, and you weren’t desperate enough to watch General Hospital, odds are you saw quite a few “As Seen on TV” ads.  Some of these products seemed genuinely useful in the alterna-world of infomercials where […]

  • 15 Everyday Products with WTF Origins

    It’s tempting to assume that in the back of every Wal-Mart (and some of the seedier Targets) there’s a machine that combines obscure, sterile chemicals and a dash of cancer into everything the modern human needs. Looking at the ingredient list of just about any processed food certainly gives that impression. The truth is some […]

  • 10 Things You Pay Much More For Now

    It’s time to face some unfortunate facts: prices for many commodities and goods are going up. The tremulous recovery of the economy after the recession has been shaken in recent months due to shortages, political unrest, and natural catastrophes: events like Japan’s tsunami and nuclear disaster, to the Arab world’s political uprisings, people are beginning […]

  • 10 Most Inappropriate Celebrity Product Lines

    Celebrities and celebrity news are everywhere. Even normally high-brow publications can’t help but occasionally be tempted to comment on Lindsay Lohan’s latest shenanigans or Charlie Sheen’s offensive outbursts. The problem with all this attention is that celebrities occasionally believe their own hype. What’s even worse is that sometimes they think can develop a product that […]

  • 25 Most Promising Products for 2011

    There is nano in your future. Between nanotechnology and 3D, robots and mobile, cars and green technology, 2011 will be an exciting year for new products and technologies. Here are the 25 most promising products for 2011: 25. The Mint The Roomba robotic housecleaner seems like a cool concept, until you see it miss spots […]