The 10 Most Expensive Halloween Costumes of 2010

Expensive Halloween costumes are recession-proof. How else could certain hedge fund managers and health insurance company CEOs wow their respective Halloween parties?

When we nosed around for 2010’s most expensive Halloween costumes, we found that the quality of your costume is not necessarily related to the quantity of money you spend. But if you insist on lightening your dollar load, here they are:

10. Attila the Hun: $1,448

For the price of a plasma TV, you, too, can become a ruthless conqueror in a pointy hat.

9. Blue Panda: $1,950

Blue Panda actually gets his sheen from sapphire dust and is knitted together with gold thread. What else could explain the price?

8. Moulin Rouge Ringmaster: $2,400

Victims of the obesity epidemic need not apply.

7. Carbon X Robot: $3,500

Unlike some of the other costumes on this list, this robot justifies its price with high-end components, an automotive paint job, and an amplifier that make your voice six times louder. It’s safe to say people will envy you if you fork out for this one.

6. Medieval Knight: $3,850

Perfect your “NI!”, and you’ll be scaring the damask stirrups off fellow kingdom dwellers with this set. (Payable only in modern-day garnishments.)

5. Vintage Playboy Bunny: $4,000

Relive that 1970s sex appeal with your very own colorful vintage Playboy bunny outfit. Big hair and hot pink lipstick not included.

4. Bruce Willis’ Die Hard 3 Outfit: $7,000

Bruce Willis wore this outfit in 1995’s Die Hard 3. It even comes with the boxer shorts Willis wore on the set, man musk and all.

3. Spartan: $8,000

Fight to the death in this real live Spartan outfit from the fictional movie 300. Bonus points if you add some real blood to all those fake blood smears.

2. Human Slinky: $1,000,000

Two years ago, the miracle of plastics engineering was going for a mere $182,000. This year, for mysterious reasons, it’s up to a cool mil. If it appreciates that much again in the next two years, heck, it could be the ultimate investment.

1. A&W Bear: $5,000,000

Wondering why a big, pudgy A&W bear costume costs as much as Chelsea Clinton’s wedding? Because it’s the official mascot, alright?

Written by Drea Knufken

Currently, I create and execute content- and PR strategies for clients, including thought leadership and messaging. I also ghostwrite and produce press releases, white papers, case studies and other collateral.