This Week’s Weird Jobs


The last two jobs in this list are really, really good. Promise:

1. National Sales Director, Hospice

A rapidly growing Quasi National Hospice Company seeks an experienced and successful Sales/Business Development Director to oversee Sales and Business Development activities for a very fast paced, State-of-The-Art company. This position requires EXTENSIVE TRAVEL to the territories and hands-on supervision of the sales force and Business Development process.

Must be good at finding places for people to die.

2. London: Escort Agency New Faces Required

We have several new vacancies due to business expansion. If you are new to escorting don’t worry you will have our full support,encouragement and understanding.

We pride ourselves in providing that extra feeling of satisfaction & fulilment to our clientele.

Our clientele are growing bored with the same old escorts, week after week. We need you to refresh the flock.

3. National: Licensing Dangerous Sport-Related Footage

We are buying footage from all sorts of sports.

Anything that’s really dramatic and/or unique..but there must be some very high-impact crash/wipeout/fight included. We are NOT interested in run-of-the-mill falls where the athlete bounces right back up.

We do not cover medical or interment costs.

4. Sonoma, CA: Wine Twitterer

As read on Mashable:

Murphy-Goode Winery in Sonoma County is offering…a $10,000 p/mo for six months, rent-free job updating Twitter (Twitter reviews) and Facebook (Facebook reviews) with your winery lifestream.

The…job contest begins tomorrow via, when dream job seekers can fill out an application and submit a one-minute video demonstrating their special skills.

The job description includes the following responsibilities, “Throughout the course of the job the successful applicant will learn about viticulture, winemaking, Sonoma County and Murphy-Goode wines. He or she will prepare and post dispatches on their experiences though social media tools such as Facebook, blogs, internet videos and Twitter as well as traditional media.”

Master the art of drunk twittering for $10K/month? Impressive!

5. Umbilical Cord Tanner

I read about this job in Astoria Oregon Rust:

For about two years I worked in a biological lab where we received daily shipments of human umbilical cords from hospitals all over the country. We would mount the cords onto glass rods and soak them for several days in gluteralderhyde to tan them like leather. Once tanned, we would use forceps to remove the veins. Then we would turn them into bio-grafts to be used as replacement arteries in humans.

I’d like to see the job ad for that one.

Happy Friday!

Written by Drea Knufken

Currently, I create and execute content- and PR strategies for clients, including thought leadership and messaging. I also ghostwrite and produce press releases, white papers, case studies and other collateral.