This Week’s Weird Jobs


What happens when two guys that look like Tom Selleck
meet bikini girls and a handyman in a bedroom? I bet the people who wrote the job postings below could help you figure it out:

1. Orlando: In need of a Surgical Externship (Free Help)

Surgical Technology student, that has accomplished many tasks while in school is need of a externship site. I am bilingual, eager to learn, and familiar with medical offices and excellent patient care. I am hands on, and a quick learner.

Please give a student a chance. Would like a multi-specialty office with surgeons that I would be able to assist in pre, intra and post operative care.

* Compensation: 2 months of free help

I’m not sure whether to admire this person for their creativity–re-branding an externship as “free help”–or to feel sad that they’re offering themselves up like that.

2. Colorado: Shot Girls – Cocktail Waitresses- Promotors – Host

Serious Inquires Only – Leave your name,contact number,time of availability. All Shot Girls must use uniforms – bikinis and heels….

Some uniform.

3. Las Vegas: Need some macho-men to unload a moving truck

We need 2 guys to unload boxes and furniture from a moving truck into guest house. I’ll be happy to provide some cool beverages.

Thanks!! =)

Bushy mustaches, sculpted biceps, and distinctive resemblance to Magnum, P.I.-era Tom Selleck preferred.

4. Nebraska: Social Network Website Promoter

We are a company that is expanding to Lincoln. We are looking for people to promote our social website to others at Lincoln’s finest clubs, bars and the University.

What we are talking about is the next generation of social networking platform that lets someone create a profile similar to other social networks, except this technology allows you (the promoter), to make money by getting people to give our site a try.


This job sounded legitimate until I read that last, blaring sentence.

5. Colorado: hansy man needed

iam in need of a hansyman for a day to help move in beds and put them together.

Does he just misspell handyman, or does using “hansy man” in the same sentence as “beds” mean something more sinister?

Happy New Year!

Written by Drea Knufken

Currently, I create and execute content- and PR strategies for clients, including thought leadership and messaging. I also ghostwrite and produce press releases, white papers, case studies and other collateral.