This Week’s Weird Jobs


I’m shocked.
People actually get paid to write comments on blogs. Then again, they also get paid to write about marijuana and get spanked. What, really, qualifies as “weird” anymore?

1. Denver: Marketing Blog Commenter Needed

If you enjoy reading and learning about marketing, especially Internet related marketing, this may be the internship for you. I need someone to go and read marketing and business material at a variety of blogs and news sources online, and make real (not spammy) comments (thought provoking or insightful or funny comments) on the content of each of the posts on those blogs.

I expect you to be a rock star at writing.

You will need to respond to the content as soon as possible after it is posted (which means subscribing to the blogs in an RSS Reader like Google Reader, and possibly having updates sent to your phone or email, whichever will let you post responses most quickly).

The first 30-45 days of this work will be an unpaid internship. At which time, if there is a mutual fit and the work you’ve done has been done in a quality fashion, we will negotiate an hourly rate not to exceed $9/hour.

OK, people, ‘fess up. Who’s getting paid to comment on this blog? Can I pay you to write flattering ones?

2. Connecticut: Need someone to make a dump run for me?

Hello…I am moving and need some help clearing trash/junk from my basement. Its a mixture of trash bags, broken down furniture, cardboard, a couch, old headboard and just random stuff. Probably just need a full size pickup truck or small truck w/ trailer. If you are interested please email or call me asap. I would be willing to pay $50 cash to the first person available. (I will not hire anyone with intentions on dumping illegally and would prefer someone that does this regularly)

Will pay $50 more if you remove the bodies.

3. San Diego: Toisanese Speakers Needed!!

Do you speak, read & write Toisanese? Are you interested in Law Enforcement? We want you!

METROPOLITAN INTERPRETERS and TRANSLATORS, INC, a nationwide contractor to the FBI, ICE and the DEA is looking to hire Toisanese speaking individuals who want to work in the exciting field of LAW ENFORCEMENT. Candidates must be lawful residents of the United States, with GOOD CREDIT and NO CRIMINAL HISTORY who are proficient in Toisanese and English.

Compensation starts at $30.00 per hour plus benefits.

Our previous ad asked for “Chinese speakers,” but that never seemed to work out…

4. Denver: Writing about Medical Marijuana

Candidate shall have knowledge regarding the subject matter as well as excellent writing skills. Candidate should also
have knowledge about social networking sites to implement and maintain presence.

Commuting not encouraged.

5. Orange County: Full time office Girl and Spanking Star wanted

Future Spanking Star Wanted!!! Have you always wanted to be a Model and or Star in your own spanking site? This is your chance! We are looking for a “girl” between the ages of 20 and 40 to be the Star and Spokes Model for our New Spanking Site.

Excellent money, lots of fun and a very red bottom goes along with the job. (you must be willing to spank and be spanked long and even perhaps hard for both jobs)

Please write Sasha for more information. Please give us your “spanking” background and send us a number of photos along with a photo of your “assets”.

We feel you should be able to make from $40,000 to $50,000 the first year from both jobs. Office work and Modeling.

Just don’t come complaining that you had a “hard” night.

Happy Friday!

Written by Drea Knufken

Currently, I create and execute content- and PR strategies for clients, including thought leadership and messaging. I also ghostwrite and produce press releases, white papers, case studies and other collateral.