Top 10 Things That All Customers Want

Whether you’re running a small business or a large corporation, selling dollar-store items or luxury products, every customer has the same desires. Take a look at this top 10 list to see how your company rates in the area of customer service:

1. Involvement

Customers want to feel like you care about their needs, and that you’re emotionally invested in helping them solve their problems. It’s a little easier to convey this message in a brick and mortar setting, but online survey software can let your e-commerce customers know that you’re completely involved in meeting their needs, too.

2. Speed

If you can deliver your product faster than your competition, your customers will be more than satisfied, they will be happy!

3. Availability

Today’s customer has had enough of voicemail and automated responses. They want to know that a real person is available when they have a question or need help. Offer multiple ways for them to contact a knowledgeable representative including phone, email, fax, and live chat. If the customer is important to you, give them your home or cell phone numbers, too.

4. Courtesy

How much money would you spend if the salesperson was rude every time you visited their store? In most cases, not very much. Customers don’t expect you to put on a song and dance for them, but they do expect you to be polite and respectful.

5. Honesty

If you fail to live up to your promises, not only will you have an unsatisfied customer on your hands, but they will spread the news of your broken promise to anyone that will listen. The best practice is to underpromise and overdeliver. A customer who is pleasantly surprised will be just as anxious to tell everyone about their positive experience.

6. Satisfaction

Most people aren’t shopping for a product, they’re looking for a solution to their problems. If you can solve their issue and provide satisfaction, you’ll have a customer for life!

7. Can-do Attitude

Your customer doesn’t want to hear any excuses – even if they are valid. They don’t want to hear the shipment is delayed, the computer is down, or your technician didn’t show up for work yesterday. They want to hear that you can get the job done. Forget about excuses and problems, and begin focusing on solutions.

8. Skilled Service

Consumers look to you for expert, up-to-date knowledge in your industry. They feel like its part of what they’re paying for.

9. The Little Extras

Customers expect the “little extras” at no extra charge. If you nickel and dime them for every little thing, they’ll quickly decide that you’re only interested in taking their money. By adding value to the product at no additional cost to your customer, you could find your competitive edge and increase your customer base.

10. Appreciation

Who wants to spend their hard-earned money with someone who doesn’t appreciate their business? Make sure that you offer a sincere “thank you” frequently and offer special promotions or discounts to your regular customers.

If you can give your customer what they want, your success is virtually guaranteed!