The 25 Best Android Apps for Business

Have you decked out your Droid with business apps yet? If not, take heed: Google Android phones still have a ways to go in terms of business functionality. But there are a few promising apps already. Here are some of the best Android apps for business we could find.

While the apps below are good, expect to see many improvements from developers in the coming year.

25. Phonebook

Manage your contacts through this slick app, which lets you see missed calls, unread emails, text message, and upcoming birthdays by contact. Also lets you upload a photo of your contact. Handy if you have trouble keeping your contacts straight.

24. Sprite Android Backup

Image: Androidzoom

Prevention is the best medicine for system health. Back up and restore your system using this comprehensive $5 app.

23. Google Voice

Use a unique phone number for this VoIP service. It transcribes your voicemails, gives you free text messages, integrates with your phone’s address book, and offers cheap international calls. Like Skype, but Googlified.

22. Cab4Me

If you’re a business traveler, this free app, which finds cab companies near your GPS location, can help keep you out of a jam. Cab company listings include user reviews and contact information.

21. The Weather Channel

This handy app offers the kinds of in-depth forecasts you would expect from the Weather Channel. Features include live video. The app automatically updates your location through your phone’s GPS.

20. Astro File Manager

Image: HTCpedia

An app like Astro’s is essential for keeping your machine healthy. This free program keeps your files and system performance in check. It backs up your apps to a memory card, lets you see what processes are running, how much memory your systems is using, and CPU usage.

19. Stocks

App image not available.

This free app piggybacks on Google Finance data to show you quotes and trends. Covers markets around the world.

18. Talk to Me

An excellent travel survival tool. Say something in one language, and it talks back to you in another. Current languages include English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian. Best of all, it’s free.

17. Greed

Image: Droidapplications

Greed lets you read your RSS feeds without opening a browser. Stay up on news, blogs, and your industry quickly and easily.

16. TripIt

If you’re a frequent traveler, TripIt is your friend. It organizes flight, hotel, restaurant, and other itinerary information in an easy-to-read form. Also helps you find and contact places on the road through directions and contact info.

15. Currency

Currency converts more than 160 currencies using real-time foreign exchange rates. Comes with a tip calculator and, if you’re into forex trading, trends, charts, and news as well.

14. Seesmic

Possibly the best Droid app out there for Twitter users. Timelines organize your tweets; you can also save them as drafts and arrange notifications. There’s more. Seesmic is video and image-capable, shortens URLs, spellchecks, and supports multiple accounts.

13. Key Ring

Scan your gym, grocery store, or other membership card into your Droid. Key Ring stores each card’s barcode in a drop-down menu. Scan the barcode directly from your Droid the next time you go shopping or do any other activities requiring a card.

12. VNC Viewer

Stay leashed to your desktop with this handy app. It lets you safely log in and connect to a remote machine, so that you can make easy little changes without actually storing anything on your smartphone.

11. Google Maps Navigation

Possibly the best map app out there. Search by talking to the app. Or enter a landmark, business name, or other vague criteria, and Google Maps will generate results. Includes live traffic data, satellite view, street view, and turn-by-turn navigation. This app comes with Droid 1.6 models and higher.

10. Cashbook

Image for Droid not available. This Cashbook for iPhone image is from Appolicious.

This expense tracker lets you easily enter and track your business expenses. It also tracks your weekly and monthly balance. Comes with password protection.

9. ActionComplete

If GTD (Getting Things Done) and the Four Quadrants of time management are part of your daily vocabulary, ActionComplete is made for you. It’s a project management-style to-do list app, which lets you group tasks into actions, schedule actions to be taken by others, prioritize projects, tag actions, set reminders, and more. Bonus: It’s free.

8. MightyMeeting

MightyMeeting acts like a remote control for your PowerPoint presentations. Upload your presentations to MightyMeeting, tag them for easy retrieval, and deliver your presentations through your Droid. You can invite others to see your presentation and edit it, too.

7. Astrid

This clean, easy-to-use to do list is a classic. Astrid, which is free, offers you reminders, checklists, tagging, and priority setting functions. You can backup your lists to, a free online to-do list application.

6. Spreadsheet

This versatile, XLS-compatible spreadsheet gives you 100 spreadsheet functions. They include searching, sorting, and formatting. You can also view, edit, and send attachments through other applications like Gmail.

5. AK Notepad

Take notes on your smartphone, make to-do lists, and put up reminder alarms with this easy-to-use notepad. You can email or SMS your note, as well as search notes by title. Simple, fast, and often indispensable.

4. mShare

mShare is where FTP and chat meet mobile. The app lets you transfer or exchange files to and from your computer and other mobile devices. It also works for any size file, as well as contacts and data storage.

3. GDocs

GDocs lets you take your Google docs anywhere. Create or upload your documents on Google Docs, then review them in micro format on your Droid phone.

2. Documents to Go

View and edit your Microsoft Office documents, PowerPoint included, through this $30 app, which also does PDF. The free version will do Word and Excel only.

1. Locale

This smart app
uses GPS, WiFi, and cell signal to adjust your phone settings based on where you are, and when. It will automatically turn itself off in meetings and movies, remind you to charge the phone when battery runs low, and more. There’s no better way to have your phone take care of itself.

  • Drea–nice list
    For job seekers out there, who only want to see the openings at companies, not from job boards, they should try the FREE android app by

    Oh, and the same for IPHONE at

    Both are FREE, of course.

  • Where is ‘Phonebook’? I couldn’t find an ap with that exact name in the market. I used to use @contacts/acontacts, but it’s broken and I’ve been looking for a replacement.

  • Brad

    Kit, your phone android version is 1.5 and ‘phonebook’ supports 1.6 and above. That may be the reason you can’t see it in Android market

    The website for Cashbook ( has some snapshots and feature descriptions. Tons of useful features.

    I also have ‘Documents to Go’ on my Droid. It’s opens almost all office files. Good for reading email attachment.

  • tom

    If you’re looking for a good app to help you get around Toronto. checkout TransitMe on the android market.

  • Ali

    i Like the talk to me and Mighty meeting app!!

  • Scott

    Since this is supposed to be a “best business apps” list, where is the best app for syncing your phone with your Outlook/Exchange account? This is the single most important app a smartphone has and it’s missing from your list. And don’t say that Android already comes with one, because the Android email client for Outlook is garbage. (Can’t forward attachments, and can’t even download them properly most times.) I’ve been using TouchDown by NitroDesk and it has been very good, but no app that I know of syncs with Microsoft Outlook’s “Notes.”

  • A shameless plug for what we think is one of the more powerful Android business applications. Build your own mobile business apps… or choose from 200 pre-built business apps by category and business app type. Every app fully customizable and all designed for businesses.

  • Sales pros should check out Handy Quote. It lets you carry your product catalog in your phone, and write up quotes and orders for prospects and customers. Then email the quote to their inbox before you’ve left their office.

  • Dale Martinson

    To Scott from April 14th….re: Exchange Sync w/notes

    The only app I could find that also sync Exchange notes is RoadSync by DataViz
    I believe they also make Documents to go. It’s been worng great for me.


  • Pieces is a new app that hooks up to the contact database to give you immediate access to millions of detailed names, roles and numbers. Take a look at this one and other business apps for the Droid at

  • David Johnson

    This project / task to do list app is quite good: Organisa Lite

  • Nice list. Check out for a comprehensive list of the Best Android Apps.

  • Nict list, but you are missing a time tracking app for projects or tasks you are working on.

    Check out:

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  • aliraza_ac

    I downloaded Santa Booth on Android and it was awesome!! You can find it on, it was similar to Chunky booth which takes a picture and make the person look like they are huge!!! I also like Harbor Boat Master which is on the Android market and is by far the best game out.

  • Exactly the thing i was searching. 25 apps are more than enough to carry your business through your smartphone with a great business idea in your head. there are some great collection of management apps as well. 10/10
    Good work !

  • Carl

    Google Voice is NOT a VOIP application.

  • Love the Action Complete! Thanks!

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