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The Economic Costs of Obesity

Here’s some fascinating, almost jaw-dropping, information about the economic costs of obesity in America.

– Americans consume 938 million extra gallons of gas/year due to excess passenger weight which results in an extra $4 billion in obesity related gasoline costs.

– 86% of Americans are expected to be overweight by 2030

– The estimated indirect cost of obesity in America is $450 billion per year

– Obesity costs the average man an extra $2,646 per year and the average woman an extra $4,879 on average

– Airlines use an estimated 350 million additional gallons of fuel to handle excess weight in passengers (a cost which gets passed on to everyone)

Source: via CP

The moral of the story is that obesity costs a lot both on a national and individual level. With 86% of Americans on track to become obese within the next two decades, it’s clearly in our national economic interest to fight this epidemic.

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