The 20 best jobs for introverts

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#6 – Medical Records Technician

Medical Records Technician

Like paralegals, medical records technicians do a lot of behind-the-scenes work. They are responsible for managing data in both paper and electronic systems. They also categorize patient information and maintain patients’ medical histories. They work in physician offices and hospitals. This career is also growing rapidly, making it a great opportunity for anyone looking to change careers.

A job as a medical records technician is ideal for introverts because of its lack of customer interaction. It is a job completed behind the scenes in offices and hospitals. There will be some interaction with co-workers, but not with patients.

#7 – Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a fantastic career for people who have artistic abilities and a love of silence. The job is very independent and also creative. People in the field of graphic design work for publications, websites, packaging, and other media. They occasionally work with project managers or clients.

Introverts are often most creative in a quiet environment without other people present. For this reason, a graphic design job is great. If you already have artistic ability, then this job can bring it out even farther. These professionals spend most of their time working on the product on their own, rather than in a group or with the client present.

#8 – Technical Writer

Technical Writer

Technical writing, and writing in general, requires concentration and, fairly often, a lack of interaction with others. Technical writing is a great job for people who have a good understanding of technology and can effectively explain if in writing. The job often involves independent research to produce documents like instruction manuals and supporting documents for products and software.

Technical writing requires a quiet space with little to no interruption. Most of the research is done independently, rather than in a group setting. For this reason, technical writing is a great job for introverts.

#9 – Accountant

An accountant

Accountants work with numbers over people. Most of their workday involves mathematics instead of people. This is a great job for people who have strong math skills, as well as organization skills. Accountants work through statements and records, financial operations, and often prepare tax documents for clients or corporations.

Since tax season is an especially busy time of year, introverts who pick accounting can expect little to no interaction with other people. There will likely be small amounts of interaction with clients (for independent accountants) or coworkers (for those who work in an office), but this is kept to a minimum.

#10 – Computer Programmer

computer programmer

Computer programmers spend the majority of their time behind a computer screen writing code. Most programmers work in the computer systems design industry though they also work in other areas of the professional world. A degree in computer science is often required though some companies will hire people who have an expert knowledge of programming languages and no degree.

A job as a computer programmer is ideal for introverts because of the amount of time they spend at the computer. There is little to no interaction required with coworkers or clients. The level of interaction also depends on where the programmer is. Some computer programming jobs offer work-from-home opportunities.

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Written by Melissa Stusinski

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