5 of the Most Competitive Jobs

Today, finding a decent job can be so difficult that it almost seems like there are no ‘most’ competitive job markets — because it’s all of them. But while finding a job in social media or accounting might feel harrowing, there are some occupations that are virtually impossible to fill. You’re more likely to get hit by lightning than work some of the following jobs.




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How hard can it be to float around in outer space wearing a big marshmallow suit? Extremely. Astronauts undergo almost two years of rigorous physical and scientific training which teach them how to command, pilot or operate one of earth’s spaceships.

Only around ten new astronauts are hired per year. In 2009, 3535 people applied, but only 2800 were deemed ‘qualified’. By those numbers, chances of becoming an astronaut lie around 311 to 1. Considering the general population, however, leaves the odds around 12,100,000 to 1.

Additionally, the average age of a new NASA team member is 36 — meaning that the 20 months of rigorous space-training only comes after years and years of education.




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A prosthodontist is responsible for making dentures, crowns, and bridges. There are currently around 370 prosthodontists in the US, earning an average of $169,810 a year.

What’s so difficult about replacing missing teeth? The competitive nature of this job is less about the skill it requires and more about the availability of training. That is to say, it’s very hard to come by. Only 9 schools in the US offer the proper training to become a prosthodontist.




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Doing a car calendar for your hometown’s car club doesn’t count as being a model. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that only 80 high-profile modeling careers open up per year. As for salaried models who aren’t super, there are currently only about 1,660 professional ones starving to keep their jobs. This considers models who work in fashion shows, retail, and private showings.

Professional Athlete



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The chances of becoming a professional athlete are about 24,500 to 1. You have a better chance of writing a New York Times bestseller, even though there are 9,380 professional athletes currently employed in the US.

Earning an average of $79,460, there are some superstar athletes who earn over $200,000 a year. Leagues include the WNBA, MLB, MLS, NFL, NHL, and NBA.

Forest Fire Inspector




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Although forest fire inspectors aren’t exactly rolling in cash, the low demand coupled with the intense screening process makes this job one of the hardest to come by.

Most forest fire inspectors are employed by the government, requiring each applicant to undergo extensive background checks and screenings to ensure that they are absolutely spotless. The estimated job openings are only 38 between the years of 2006 and 2016. But who cares? They only make an average of $53,000 a year anyway.