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  • 5 of the Most Competitive Jobs

    Share     Today, finding a decent job can be so difficult that it almost seems like there are no ‘most’ competitive job markets — because it’s all of them. But while finding a job in social media or accounting might feel harrowing, there are some occupations that are virtually impossible to fill. You’re more […]

  • Obama, Jobs, Zuckerberg, and Schmidt: Don’t Discount the Lobbying

    President Obama is slated to meet with software captains of industry this evening. The most notable players include Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Eric Schmidt. A lot of media commentary seems to be treating this as a celeb gathering, or some kind of running joke. What are they really going to talk about? Isn’t the […]

  • Wealth Distribution in the United States

    One reason for the growing disparity between the rich and the poor is the fact that most new jobs that are created pay low wages and often do not offer retirement plans or health coverage. Here is a graphic look at the widening gap between the nation’s rich and poor.