Best Super Bowl Commercials 1989-2010

What’s the best Super Bowl commercial ever? Reebok’s 2003 Terry Tate commercial, of course. But that’s not the focus of this list. We’re here to give you the best Super Bowl commercial of the year, for the past 21 years. Needless to say, some years were better than others. See the proudest moments in Superbowl commercial history, year-by-year:

2010: Doritos “Boy Slaps Man”

Keep your hands off my momma.

2009: Doritos “Crystal Ball”

This user-generated ad proves that clever simplicity can cut through even the biggest budgets.

2008: Budweiser “Hank the Clydesdale”

A dalmation trains the subpar Hank the Clydesdale into becoming a champion.

2007: Bud Light “First Bump”

Men bitchslapping one another plays on Bud Light’s girly-drink reputation.

2006: Michelob Ultra “Touch Football”

A man tackles a woman in a touch football game, making the world of light beer a little “darker.”

2005: Ameriquest “Cat Murder”

A man tries to impress his girlfriend by making her dinner, but fails miserably.

2004: Pepsi: Jimmy Hendrix Visits a Guitar Shop

A little kid chooses to drink Pepsi and grows up to be a guitar—rather than an accordion—rocker.

2003: Reebok “Terry Tate: Office Linebacker”

Reebok documents what happens when you sic Terry Tate on office peons.

2002: Budweiser “Whassup Wasabi”


2001: E*Trade Monkey Wanders Desolate .com Graveyard

The E*Trade monkey, first introduced a year earlier, sadly observes .com fallout.

2000: Electronic Data Systems “Herding Cats”

Hardcore cat herders get glorified in this funny bit.

1999: “When I Grow Up …”

Kids aspire to middle management with quotes like “When I grow up, I want to be underappreciated.”

1998: Tabasco “Mosquito”

A mosquito sucks Tabasco-laden blood, and meets a violent ending.

1997: Nissan Maxima Pigeons

Dive-bombing pigeons try to nail a Nissan Maxima, to no avail.

1996: Pepsi “Security Camera”

A Coke deliveryman tries to steal a Pepsi–and finds himself swimming in bottles of the drink.

1995: Budweiser “Frogs”

The first commercial in a series that became an instant classic.

1994: Pepsi Does Research on Cindy Crawford

A lack of Pepsi turns Cindy Crawford into Rodney Dangerfield.

1993: McDonald’s “The Showdown”

Michael Jordan competes with Larry Bird for a Big Mac.

1992: Nike Hare Jordan

A rough basketball posse yanks Bugs Bunny out of his hole, only to get themselves whupped on the court.

1991: Cindy Crawford Introduces the New Pepsi Can

Two kids gawk at Cindy Crawford as she walks out of a red Ferrari and gets a Pepsi.

1990: Coca Cola: Paula Abdul and Elton John Sing About Diet Coke

1990 wasn’t exactly a fabulous year for Superbowl commercials, so this catchy ditty will have to do.

1989: Bud Bowl II

Bud Light plays off against Budweiser in this hit commercial.

Written by Drea Knufken

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