Media Consumption During Coronavirus Quarantine

media consumptions covid-19

Since most of the world is still in coronavirus lockdown, Netflix, Hulu, Playstation, Amazon and other streaming media servers have been working overtime to entertain and inform us all. Most of us have increased watching and listening time since time stopped.

Visual Capitalist researched the Global Web Index, Coronavirus Research Report 2020 to visualize this breakdown of media consumption by generation.

To prepare the Coronavirus Research Report, Global Web Index surveyed around 4,000 internet users in the US and UK between the ages of 16 and 64.

Media Consumption During Coronavirus Quarantine

Gen Z

16-23 years old

Gen Z survey participants said they are mostly watching more online videos (51%), listening to more streaming music (28%), playing more video games online (31%), and watching a bit more broadcast television (24%). 

Only 11 percent of Gen Z participants said they have started or are consuming more podcasts and 10 percent said they consume no more media now than before the coronavirus pandemic.


24-37 years old

Of the millennials who participated in the survey, 44% said they are watching more online videos during the quarantine. 41% of millennials are streaming more tv online and 36% are relying more on online news sources.

Overall, millennials cop to consuming more online media than Gen Z during the lockdown.

Gen X

38-56 years old

Gen X is burning the most bandwidth on more broadcast tv (45%), along with streaming tv (38%).

Aside from broadcast and streaming tv, and books overall Gen X hasn’t increased media consumption during the pandemic as much as millennials and Gen Z participants.


57-64 years old

Boomers are also watching a lot more broadcast tv, with 42% saying they have increased watch time during the quarantine. 24% of Boomers surveyed said they hadn’t increased their media consumption at all since the pandemic started.

Aside from watching more television, Boomers have not increased media consumption by much since coronavirus started.