Online Pearl Parties: MLM Insanity

online pearl parties

Vantel Pearls parties are the latest craze to take over Facebook live, but they’ve actually been around as house parties since the late 80s. The hosts of online pearl parties, primarily women, go live for hours on end and excitedly shuck slimy dead oysters in front of the camera.

The oysters aren’t regular oysters. These oysters were previously pried open, impregnated with a mystery “pearl”, then preserved and sent to the hosts of online parties.

Prior to and during an online pearl party, viewers purchase an oyster to be opened by the host. They watch as the oyster is re-opened and a “pearl” is squeezed from the flesh. The host holds the pearl up to the camera to “ooh and ahh” and shows the beauty and “quality” of the rare find. The pearl is then measured and an “appraised value” of the pearl is stated.

About that appraised value — Vantel Pearls claims the valuations are based on the standards of the National Pearl Association. No such organization exists.

Pearls are not gold or silver, nor are they a gemstone; they are collectibles. As such, they are worth exactly what they can be sold for. In other words, like beanie babies or anything else, what the market will pay is what the value is. People are paying a lot for Vantel Pearls pearls at these parties, so technically, that’s what they’re worth right now… if you’re into that sort of thing.

However, you could buy elsewhere much cheaper, minus the pearl party. Or you could sink a quarter into a gumball machine at the supermarket. There are many options. Selling the pearl for any amount remotely close to the “appraised value” isn’t one of them.

After the shucking, the purchaser can either claim the pearl as it is, BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE – there is also an option to have the pearl set into jewelry for an additional expense.

Important Note About Vantel Pearls

Every mention of the word pearl in this article thus far has referenced the product the Vantel Pearls company considers to be a valuable pearl. These “pearls” are allegedly cultured freshwater pearls harvested from mollusks. These freshwater pearls are tinted various shades and shoved into saltwater oysters to prepare them for sale at pearl parties. Saltwater pearls are very rare.

If you find the business of throwing online pearl parties appealing, this just keeps getting better and better. This shucking business opportunity from Vantel Pearls is an MLM. You’re in!