Safe Call and Text with Cell Phone Number Nickname


MobiDigger is a relatively new service that allows users to mask their phone number with a chosen nickname. Two months after launching, MobiDigger expects reaching the half million user point by the end of 2009.

Why a Cell Phone Nickname?

Similar to how email addresses and online IDs display a nickname to the public whilst routing messages to the correct recipient, MobiDigger gives subscribers the ability to nickname their cell phone number. The service is independent from the mobile carrier. It protects the recipient of the call or text in various situations where they don’t know the other party well. The company points out dating and selling items online as prime examples. It’s also just a handy tool because mobile nicknames can be much more easily remembered than phone numbers.

“Text messaging is the most prevalent form of mobile communication — between personal networks and strangers alike. Sometimes, especially for women, it is not in your best interest to provide your actual cell phone number, which can be traced to where you live or work.” says Hubert A-M Moik, Founder and CEO of MobiDigger, Inc. He continues, “MobiDigger has developed a safe and effective way to interact via text message, which keeps your personal information from getting into the wrong hands.”

Safety Features 

MobiDigger has recently added “block” and “SOS” codes to their service. By simply texting one of those keywords to the MobiDigger short code, the sender can block a particular person from their network, or, they can send a predefined help message to one or more of their personal emergency contact numbers requesting assistance.

As the mother of a soon-to-be first time cell phone owner, I like the idea of my child could give out his number without anyone being able to trace it. But somehow I don’t believe it’s possible. We’re all so very findable now. What do you think?

Would you get this service, and if so – would it be for safety or convenience?

Image Credit: Pink Sherbet