The COVID-19 Rebate Check Is In the Mail — Almost

coronavirus relief rebate check

On Friday, the House passed the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill and President Trump signed it. This stimulus package is the largest in history. Most Americans will receive coronavirus relief rebate checks, which will not be considered taxable income. The plan also provides unemployment aid and loans for small businesses and larger corporations.

The final snag to quick passage of the bill was the adamant objections of Rep. Thomas Massey, R-Ky to a simple voice vote of “yay” or “nay.” Instead, Massey insisted there must be a quorum, which required at least half of the U.S. Representatives to travel to Capitol Hill during a global pandemic for a roll call vote. 

Despite doctors’ recommendations, enough representatives anticipated Massey’s tantrum and traveled to be present to get the bill passed.

The bill did not pass before a few meltdowns occurred.

The good news is that it has now been signed by President Trump and Americans who qualify should receive their coronavirus recovery rebate in about three weeks.