The Unquenchable Thirst: Taxing America’s Oil Addiction

In the U.S., our dependence on oil not only makes for wealthy oil companies, it also supports our federal, state and local governments. Gas taxes add up quickly and some areas of the country are taxed more heavily than others. However, one surprising thing holds true: The government profits even more from our oil addiction than the super-rich oil companies do.

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Taxing America's Oil Addiction

  • Jeff Kraus

    States do not profit from the gas tax because they cover only a small fraction of the cost to build and maintain the roads. Gas taxes would need to be much higher, about $2.22 per gallon, to cover the cost of the roads.

    Even this may not be enough of a tax as it may not cover additional expenses such as highway patrol and road maintenance such as mowing and snow plowing.

  • If only we could cut our ties with oil, and move to renewable energy like solar, wind and electrical power.

  • Bla-me-bla

    Umm, it looks like 18.4 cents go to the U.S. government, the rest goes to state an local governments.

  • Chris V

    The term “U.S. Government” generally refers to the federal government. Adding the federal, state, and local government taxes together and stating that the combined total goes to the “U.S. Government” is misleading.

  • Ben

    $50 billion in income tax? Fail. Try research next time. Wiki says in 2007, tax revenue (personal income tax, corporate income tax, gift tax and estate tax) totaled $2.67 TRILLION. I don’t believe for a moment that income tax only accounts for 2% of those taxes.

  • Chris

    The problem with Solar and Wind is who is going to be able to afford it and afford to maintain these technologies. Also does anyone want massive Solar panels on there roofs or huge windmills in there back yards. I guarantee most do not. Even if we could build enough of these wind mills, i guess mid-state where no one loves, we need a ton of them but then taxes would have to sky rocket to pay for these things, the construction, research and maintenance. Is there even proof that enough can be built to power the US. What we really need if Geo-Thermal, Nuclear and Ocean wave/current power. Tesla saw the potential for Geo-Thermal, a limitless energy supply. If we emphasized more science and math in our school system and encouraged our children to be smart and go to work then we would have more good ideas being passed around for new technologies rather then our kids being brainwashed by celebrities who feel were doomed from the mighty prophet Al Gore who uses false data in order to get rich off of his “Global Warming” hoax.

  • John

    The author is a grade-A moron. There are so many errors in this “article” that it could have been written by a 3-rd grader. Probably more accurately too.

  • Weedman

    Time to re-instate the USA’s law regarding hemp, which was in place pre-1940, before the “MARIJUANA” act that secured big oil and “Dupont” large profits from fossil fuels. Henry Ford had an internal combustion engine that was designed to run on hemp seed oil, hemp was used to pay taxes, good ‘ol Benjimen Franklyn has a hemp farm. Also hemp seed has the highest amount of basic starches & amino acids pound for pound, so we could even help the starving. Bring back Hemp cultivation and put big oil out to pasture.

  • Ali

    You think that’s bad, you oughtta move to Canada.