50 Tips to Help You Sell More

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A company won’t survive without selling anything.
(Unless you’ve been bailed out, but that’s another story.) Sales truly are a company’s lifeblood. Whether you’re a salesperson or not, you need to keep your sales skills up to date. Here are 50 places to start.

Sales Tips for Everybody
These general sales tips will amp up your selling prowess.

How to take the heat off sales.

Why salespeople fail.

Creating sales luck.

Dealing with pain in sales.

How to succeed when life kicks the #%&! out of your sales life.

Why consistent salespeople retain customers.

It’s time to learn about intent-driven sales.

Don’t forget to bring your sense of urgency to every sale.

What to look for in a good salesperson.

How to achieve the sales holy grail.

Tips and strategies to close sales.

Get 100% of your business from 100% of your clients.

What it takes to be successful in sales.

A lesson in sales from Henry Ford.

3 steps to get more introductions.

Don’t worry about acting like a salesperson.

10 tips for the new sales professional.

How sales is really about the old stuff.

Call back to add value to your sales.

Why your prospect might have disappeared, and what to do next.

4 ways to defend your price during a sales negotiation.

Consolidate to shorten your sales cycle and close deals faster.

Here’s a good list of inspirational sales quotes.

Try a little kindness to build business relationships.

Tips for Sales Managers
Without a sales manager, a sales team isn’t selling to potential. Boost your team’s efficacy by reading the tips below.

How to get your sales team to reach the highest level of sales achievement.

9 ways to avoid getting made fun of as a sales manager.

How to build a dynamic sales culture.

Align and optimize sales and marketing to increase conversions.

Confident sales leaders let things play out.

5 steps to fast-tracking your sales career to move to upper management.

Mistakes to Avoid
We all make mistakes. But it’s better to avoid them. Here are a few places to start.

Don’t penalize your best clients.

Delighting your customer is not optional.

How to stop bad potential customers from yanking your chain.

The key to avoiding feast and famine in your sales.

Presentation mistakes to avoid.

How to not have your cold call be seen as an interruption.

How fear could be making you a loser.

Overcoming resistance to change.

Sales and the Web
What the online world is doing for sales.

How the internet changes selling.

Using Twitter to increase your sales.

How to mine Google for online sales prospecting.

Your company website should be a sales tool.

Find the sales gold in social media.

Syncing Sales with Other Company Functions
How sales and other departments need to interact to optimize results.

Sales, marketing, and consumer disconnect.

Why sales and purchasing need each other more than ever.

Getting More Leads
Fill your pipeline right with the leads tips below.

Do you really know the sources of your best opportunities?

The 10 worst things to do with a qualified sales lead.

Why inbound leads aren’t really leads.

100 tips for trade show lead generation.

Which lead database is best for you?

Written by Drea Knufken

Currently, I create and execute content- and PR strategies for clients, including thought leadership and messaging. I also ghostwrite and produce press releases, white papers, case studies and other collateral.