50 Tips to Make You a Better Leader

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Leadership is an art. Keeping your workers happy and maximizing their potential while attaining company goals is not for the faint of heart. We’ve compiled 50 tips that cover the mental, physical, and management aspects of being a leader.

General Leadership Tips
These tips will give you an all-around leadership boost. From leading like a child to accessing your brain chemistry, here’s how to lead well.

Here’s a list of skills you should have to be a leader.

Good leadership vs. effective leadership.

If you want to be a successful leader, crunch time is all the time.

Exceptional leaders start with why, not what or how.

Build your leadership skills on a solid foundation.

Is your company playing follow the leader?

How to get yourself out of the work doghouse.

Unlock brain chemistry to learn new leadership skills.

Leadership always has a pinch of fear–and it has to.

Lead like a child.

Redefine failure to be a better leader.

Lead first, then manage the numbers.

Rehearse dealing with distractions.

Leading and restarting business growth: Don’t just wait for someone to fix your elevator.

Why you shouldn’t hire the best and brightest candidate.

Great leaders should move to a cubicle.

Rapid change tests leaders. How do you stand?

How to get back on track when things get crazy.

Leadership and Team Building
When you’re managing a team, certain skills come into play. How do you keep employees motivated? What about dealing with excuses, or setting an example? Learn more below.

Build a competent, self-reliant team by being human.

How to create core values for your team.

7 ideas to help leverage different perspectives on your team.

Help your people perform better, and they’ll care more.

Avoid these toxic words while communicating with your team and superiors.

Having difficult conversations
with members of your team.

How to regularly acknowledge your direct reports.

What to do when your team is protecting you from bad news.

How to develop a great culture within your team.

How to keep your workers happy.

Why you shouldn’t accept excuses from your employees.

Defining Leadership Success
Before you can become a successful leader, you need to know what leadership success–let alone leadership–is.

2 things you absolutely must do to be an effective leader.

What is leadership?

What persistence has to do with leadership.

The true measure of your greatness as a leader is to develop better leaders than yourself.

What’s the mark of a great leader?

What’s the one thing leaders can do to become more successful? Nothing.

A Q&A on leading without a title.

How to tell a who-do from a guru.

You want to be a leader? Then lead.

Who do you really work for
? And who works for you?

The management uncertainty principle.

Short, useful daily quotes on leadership and business.

Mistakes to Avoid
Every good leader makes mistakes. That doesn’t make those mistakes any less painful. See what you can avoid ahead of time.

Are you mismanaging talent?

8 traits of ineffective leaders.

Ignoring unpleasant truths is often encouraged in the leadership world.

Avoid the nonsense
in leadership.

How not to implement change in your organization.

Leadership Stories
The world is full of powerful, effective leaders. Learn by example.

3 leadership lessons from the military.

Hillary Clinton’s leadership secrets.

Goldman Sachs’ leadership lesson in addiction.

Lessons for leaders from the world’s highest mountains.

Written by Drea Knufken

Currently, I create and execute content- and PR strategies for clients, including thought leadership and messaging. I also ghostwrite and produce press releases, white papers, case studies and other collateral.