Treasury Warns Against Getting Into Trouble With Debt

Earlier this month the Treasury Department, headed by Henry Paulson, in conjunction with The Advertising Council, came out with a new public service advertising (PSA) campaign that encourages young adults aged 18 to 24 to make responsible choices re: debt and finances.

Key to the campaign is the concept of to think twice before spontaneously spending. This, says the Treasury is key to building a solid financial future.

I love the tagline: “Don’t let your credit put you in a bad place.”

In an apparent attempt to appear hip and demonstrate technological aptitude, the Treasury has created an interactive online video game that attempts to teach the importance of having a good credit score managing debt and where to find free financial information. Check it out. It is arguably the lamest game you’ll ever play. WebKinz does a better job at teaching basic economics.

Dan Iannicola, Jr. Treasury Deputy Assistant Secretary for Financial Education had this to say about the PSAs:

“When we are able to finance things like a home, a car, or a college education, credit can help us bring our dreams within reach. But as we see in the headlines, those dreams can become financial nightmares if we don’t manage that credit carefully and wisely. We hope this campaign will meet a critical need, educating young adults on the importance of responsible, informed borrowing.”

Irony anyone? Who do we talk to about getting a PSA to the Treasury?